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Episode Premiere Date Location Media
1 November 28, 2017 Santa Clara Watch
2 December 30, 2017 BYU Watch
3 February 1, 2018 Saint Mary's Watch
4 February 24, 2018 San Diego Watch
5 March 29, 2018 San Francisco Watch
6 April 29, 2018 Loyola Marymount Watch
7 June 7, 2018 Pacific Watch
8 July 2, 2018 Gonzaga

WCC All-Access: An Inside Look at the West Coast Conference

WCC All-Access tells the story of the West Coast Conference, its institutions, its teams, and its student-athletes - both on and off the field. The fast-paced magazine show features interviews with WCC coaches and student-athletes, the most exciting highlights, and compelling feature stories.

New episodes of WCC All-Access premiere each month on NBC Sports California, ROOT Sports Northwest, Spectrum SportsNet, Stadium, and TheW.tv.

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July 13ROOT Sports Northwest4:00 PM
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July 13Spectrum SportsNet6:30 PM
July 14NBC Sports California6:00 AM
July 14Stadium10:00 AM
July 14Twitter10:00 AM
July 14AT&T Rocky Mountain11:00 AM
July 14Stadium6:30 PM
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July 15Stadium4:30 AM
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July 15Stadium7:30 AM
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July 15NBC Sports California5:00 PM
July 16Spectrum SportsNet9:30 AM
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July 16ROOT Sports Northwest5:00 PM
July 17Spectrum SportsNet12:30 AM
July 17NBC Sports California10:30 PM
July 18Spectrum SportsNet1:00 AM
July 18Spectrum SportsNet1:30 AM
July 18Spectrum SportsNet6:00 PM
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July 19NBC Sports California3:30 PM
July 19ROOT Sports Northwest8:00 PM
July 20Spectrum SportsNet2:00 PM
July 20Spectrum SportsNet2:30 PM
July 21NBC Sports California6:00 AM
July 21AT&T Rocky Mountain2:00 PM
July 22AT&T Rocky Mountain10:30 AM
July 22NBC Sports California5:00 PM
July 24Spectrum SportsNet1:00 AM
July 24Spectrum SportsNet1:30 AM
July 24Spectrum SportsNet11:00 AM
July 24Spectrum SportsNet11:30 AM
July 25ROOT Sports Northwest4:00 PM
July 26NBC Sports California3:30 PM
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July 28NBC Sports California6:00 AM