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Tis the season of giving...

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Most people don't think of their workplaces as a means to give, but rather a means to receive. They toil and spend countless hours working to have the resources to buy presents for the ones that mean most to them and it becomes easy to forget that maybe the very place they spend 40 hours a week --- sometimes more than that --- can be the same place they experience the spirit of giving.
Here at the West Coast Conference, the spirit of giving is alive and well. Community service is one of the guiding principles of the WCC and drives many of our projects here. The holiday season is definitely no exception.
This year, the WCC office came together to "adopt a family," and it was one of the greatest displays of the holiday spirit one could imagine. Our small 11-person office committed to making a local family's Christmas a special one, and in the end, provided our family of five with everything on their holiday wish list. Any day we have the opportunity to touch the lives of those around us, whether that be our student-athletes or people outside of our sports community all together, is a chance for us to practice what we preach...and yes, it brings added meaning to the holiday season. :)
Now, with 2010 winding down, the spirit of giving still remains. Our next internal project involves building a partnership with the San Francisco Boys & Girls Club and setting up regular visits to spend time with the local kids in our area. Then, as part of our 2011 Zappos.com WCC Basketball Championships, we will host our third annual WCC Kidz Day event, Powered by Zappos.com, which invites about 1,000 kids from the Las Vegas After-School All-Stars Program to the Orleans Arena in March to receive a new pair of shoes and attend the women's championship game. Every day until then will involve a lot of planning to make that a very special event for all the kids that can attend.
But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, we cannot forget to take time this holiday season with those that have been so understanding of our busy work schedules every year, the ones that continually teach us how to give -- our families and friends. Without them, the WCC would not be what it is, a family committed to giving...every day of the year.

Stefanie Ordoveza
Associate Director, Marketing & Communications

WCC Men's Soccer Coaches Meeting

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With the 2010 collegiate men's soccer season concluded, the seven West Coast Conference men's soccer head coaches descended on the WCC office in San Bruno on Tuesday for their annual coaches meeting.

These seven coaches are no strangers to one another - whether on opposing benches on the "pitch" or on the recruiting trail - but this annual December get together gives the group a chance to exchange pleasantries without a scoreboard in the vicinity.

What happens at a coaches meeting? There's no x's and o's sessions or recruiting trips. This year's agenda included discussions on officiating, the mechanics of the RPI (RPI = record vs. opponents' record vs. opponents' opponents' record), non-conference scheduling and the MLS combine.

The meeting also includes annual discussions on both pending NCAA men's soccer legislation and the WCC men's soccer bylaws. With the NCAA meetings coming in January, the group shared their positions on all of the men's soccer legislation that will go to vote next month. The group also discussed conference specific legislation regarding travel party size and scheduling (last year the group initiated scheduling legislation that moved WCC "travel partner" matches to Wednesdays and created a bye week for all seven teams in the middle of the seven-week conference season).

The coaches also took their turns doing interviews forexclusive wccsports.com content, including the attached video with Santa Clara head coach Cam Rast and LMU head coach Paul Krumpe talking about the Broncos and Lions finishing the 2010 WCC season as conference co-champions.

A Whole New Look, But That's Not All...

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No doubt, the holiday season can be a very hectic time of year.  As you've probably noticed by now, the West Coast Conference web site - WCCSports.com - has a whole new look.  We've worked with CBSSports.com College Network to refresh our appearance, and they should know a thing or two about college athletics - being the largest provider of web services in the college realm with almost 200 university and conference partners.  On our site, it's more than just colors and graphics that have changed.  Over the coming weeks, you'll notice a lot more differences here on the site.

For starters, this is the premiere of West Coast Chatter - the WCC blog.  Here, a couple of times a week, you'll get an insiders look at the teams and personalities that make up the WCC, from the conference office viewpoint.  Various WCC staff members, including Commissioner Jamie Zaninovich, will present our perspectives on goings-on throughout the conference.  We'll also bring you stories that you may have missed elsewhere, or might not have garnered a lot of attention, but that we feel are worthwhile.  With so many things taking place on the campuses of each of our member institutions, it's easy for some amazing stories to fly under the radar, so to speak.  And since the WCC headquarters are just a stone's throw from San Francisco International Airport, we like to think we know a thing or two about flight patterns...but, I digress.


What was I talking about?  Oh, right.  Other new features on the web site.  Hopefully, you've seen the new video content we've produced this fall.  Now, it's right there on the homepage for your convenience.  Starting next month, we'll have some new weekly video series that you won't want to miss.  But we'll tell you more about that a bit later. 


For now, I invite you to cruise around the web site and check it out.  As always, I welcome your thoughts and feedback on our web site, or the blog.  You may contact me via the link below.


Jeff Tourial

Director of Communications & New Media