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SID's are sort of like long-snappers in football, an 8th inning setup man in baseball: typically go unnoticed, yet they play a vital role on your team and they are critical to your success.

The Sports Information Directors of the West Coast Conference gathered in our office last week for a meeting to discuss a wide array of topics, including the WCC's video streaming initiative, social media, and NCAA legislation.

But wait, let's rewind for a second: what is a sports information director? Well you can look at an SID sort of like an 8th inning set up man in baseball, or a long-snapper in football. They typically go unnoticed, yet they play a vital role. But they will get noticed when team information isn't produced in a timely manner (i.e. did anyone know who long-snapper Trey Junkin was before Wild Card Weekend of the 2003 NFL Playoffs? Probably not.)

When college athletics fans want to get info about their favorite teams, it's the SID's that provide everything they need. When ESPN wants to chat with a basketball team's head coach before a nationally televised game, the SID's set it up. They are a liaison between the sports that we love and the info that we need.

This year's SID meeting featured representatives from our newest member, Brigham Young University, set to official join the West Coast Conference at midnight on July 1, 2011. Even though they were new to the meeting, Duff Tittle and Kyle Chilton from BYU had interacted with a majority of the SID's in the room in the past when their teams had played each other.

A visit from WCC Commissioner Jamie Zaninovich sparked conversations about the WCC on TV as well as the new WCC Basketball Championships format for 2012.

ESPN broadcaster Dave Flemming dropped by for a special Q & A session. The group asked Fleming about the most efficient ways to give the media the information that they need to successfully call our games on ESPN.

The WCC's video streaming initiative produced positive feedback from the group, and ways to build upon this first-year initiative were discussed, including the best way to produce team highlights with the tricasters provided to each institution.

Until next year...