#WCChoops Five Questions - Byron Wesley, Gonzaga

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Throughout the course of the 2015 WCC Basketball Championships, #WCChoops Columnist John Crumpacker will be posting mini-profiles and features to go along with his daily "What We Learned" postings.

By John Crumpacker
#WCChoops Columnist

LAS VEGAS - A year ago, Byron Wesley was a member of the USC basketball team that lost to Colorado in the first round of the Pac-12 Tournament in Las Vegas. "One and done'' is rhyme no coach or athlete wants to have applied to their team.

Wesley is now an integral part of a Gonzaga team that will play BYU for the West Coast Conference men's championship Tuesday at 6 p.m. He was nice enough to give me a call during the season for an interview so I sought him out after the Zags dispatched Pepperdine 79-61 and asked him a few questions before he vanished into the night. More likely, he rejoined his teammates. In any event ...

Q: With such a short stay in the Pac-12 tournament a year ago, I don't imagine your Trojans team had any fun in Vegas, did you?

A: It's never fun to lose in the first round.

Q: How about now, Monday night's convincing win over Pepperdine in which you had 25 points? Big fun, yes?

A: This was easily the most energy we've had. Everyone was engaged. It's good we're starting to find ourselves again.

Q: What was your reaction to seeing, and hearing, all those Gonzaga fans in the Orleans Arena?

A: Coaches told me about it but I had no idea it would basically be a home game for us. That's a credit to our fans for being so faithful. They did a good job tonight.

Q: While the Pepperdine game was certainly fun for you and your team, have you managed to have a good time away from the court while you've been in Vegas?

A: Our coaches have us on a pretty tight regimen. We practiced yesterday on our off day. We know it's a business trip.

Q: How about a good meal? Anything to speak of, or does coach Few just give you guys bologna sandwiches on white bread and expect you to be grateful for them?

A: We went out to eat at a nice buffet at Mandalay Bay where we're staying.

Q: Highlights?

A: Crab legs for sure.

Q: Gonzaga just won its 31st game this season. Do you realize that matches the total number of victories you had in three years at USC?

A: I knew it was getting close. I definitely made the right decision.

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