WCC Game of the Week premieres Saturday

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As we ring in the New Year, the start of conference play in men's basketball generates excitement around the conference and throughout the region.  This year, West Coast Conference basketball will be showcased with a WCC Game of the Week each Saturday afternoon.  For the first time, WCC fans throughout our footprint (a fancy TV term essentially meaning those in the Pacific and Mountain Time Zones) can see the same game live on our regional sports network partners throughout the region.

Our new partner, Time Warner Cable SportsNet, will produce the telecast each Saturday.  All nine teams will be featured on at least one WCC Game of the Week telecast in 2013.  Legendary broadcaster Barry Tompkins will call the games, and will be joined most weeks by WCC broadcast veteran Dan Belluomini. 

Each WCC Game of the Week broadcast will be preceded by WCC This Week - our new weekly half-hour look at West Coast Conference basketball.  WCC This Week will feature coach and player interviews, features, highlights, and all the insight and analysis you need to get you ready for that Saturday's games. 

The first WCC Game of the Week on Jan. 5 features Loyola Marymount at Saint Mary's (the Lions were the only team to win at Saint Mary's in 2012).  LMU and the Gaels will tip-off at 1:30, following the first edition of WCC This Week

WCC This Week and the West Coast Conference Game of the Week can be seen live on Time Warner Cable SportsNet in Southern California, Comcast SportsNet California in the Bay Area, and ROOT Sports in the Northwest and Rocky Mountain regions.  Please check local listings for the channel number in your area.  Coming later this season, the show and Game of the Week will also be available on digital and mobile platforms.

Jeff Tourial
Assistant Commissioner, Communications and New Media
West Coast Conference
Twitter: @jefftourial

Behind-the-Scenes of successful men's basketball tip-off

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Earlier this week, the nine WCC men's basketball head coaches and a student-athlete from each institution gathered at Time Warner Cable Sports studios in El Segundo, Calif. for the Second Annual WCC Men's Basketball Tip-Off event.  After last year's successful event at YouTube headquarters, we wanted to build upon that as we continued to blend a traditional media day with something more interactive, which allowed you, the WCC fans, to get involved.

 We teamed up with our new partner, Time Warner Cable Sports, to put together the event while announcing our new television partnership.  Local and national media got their one-on-one time with our coaches, student-athletes and WCC Commissioner Jamie Zaninovich in a relaxed setting as opposed to a more formal press conference. Time Warner Cable Sports production folks and an ESPN production crew conducted interviews and gathered content.

 We also set up a pair of interactive stations to solicit fan participation.  Coaches and student-athletes sat down with Jeff Lampe for a special WCC Live radio show and they took part in a live one-on-one interview with legendary broadcaster Barry Tompkins that was streamed to on YouTube and WCCsports.com.  For those interviews, we asked your questions from Facebook and from Twitter.


Click here to go behind-the-scenes of the event.

 Thanks to you, the event was a resounding success.  Between the video stream and our WCC Live radio show, nearly 8,000 people joined us and took part in the event.  Comments crammed our Facebook page and the stream of questions was constant on Twitter through our #WCChoops hash tag.  It wouldn't have been a success without you.

 We're planning now for social media coverage at the 2013 WCC Basketball Championships in Las Vegas.  What would you like to see us do?  As always, I welcome your feedback.  Please contact me via the link below.


Assistant Commissioner, Communications and New Media
West Coast Conference
Twitter: @jefftourial 

Dedication: Saint Mary's Men's Soccer

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SAN BRUNO, Calif. - All year long, the West Coast Conference will bring you videos, blogs and photo galleries defining what dedication means to WCC coaches and student-athletes. Our second installment takes you to Moraga to visit with the Saint Mary's men's soccer team, who advanced to the National Quarterfinals of the NCAA tournament last season.


WATCH: Dedication - Saint Mary's Men's Soccer


Dedication is what wins WCC Championships and NCAA tournament matches. It earns all-academic standing. Dedication leads to positive results, which evokes feelings of passion and pride within a team, a school, a community and a conference.


Student-athletes are unique. Their sport is their craft. It's a skill that very few have. Being a student-athlete is a privilege. They work hard. When you're a student-athlete, you can't take any shortcuts. The days are long: Training. Classes. More training. Treatment. Homework. Sleep. Do it all over again.


What does #dedication mean to you?

James Vega


Training a constant part of WCC officials' game

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SAN BRUNO, Calif. - Ever wonder what goes into officiating games at the Division I level?  It's a lot more than showing up at the arena, officiating the game, and going home.  There is a mountain of prep work involved and a very thorough review process after each game.  This weekend, men's basketball officials from the Big West, Pac-12, and West Coast Conferences are getting together in Los Angeles for their annual training seminar.

The two-day clinic includes play reviews and points-of-emphasis discussion as they strive to ensure consistency from officiating crew to officiating crew.

Last season, as a part of our web series "The Road to Las Vegas," WCCsports.com cameras were given all-access passes to the clinic.  Here's what we saw...


It is a goal of the three conferences to have the most well-prepared officiating crews in all of NCAA Division I basketball.
  Seems like we're well on our way.

Have a question or comment, or a future blog idea?
  Please feel free to contact me any time.

Jeff Tourial
WCC Assistant Commissioner

WCC Fall Teams Get PINK!

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I must say, one of the coolest things about working for the West Coast Conference is being able to highlight all the AWESOME things our student-athletes and coaches do to engage with their communities.  It doesn't matter if it's hosting REPRESENT events every year or serving in soup kitchens every month.  Our teams are always involved.

This year, starting in October, the WCC will be doing something it hasn't done before.  As a conference, all our women's volleyball, women's soccer and even men's soccer teams are going to team up to get PINK during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Each team will do something special on campus to help get the word out about ways to fight against the disease.  And as a bonus, teams will be giving out unique, co-branded PINK giveaways to fans that show up!

So, if you are planning to get out to some WCC matches next month, I encourage you to support your teams in more than just their play on the court or field.  Come support their efforts to get PINK and battle a disease that has affected millions of lives around the world.  Below is a full PINK schedule by sport:


October 3: Saint Mary's @ San Diego

October 4: BYU @ LMU

October 6: San Francisco @ Portland

October 6: Santa Clara @ Gonzaga

October 18: Saint Mary's @ BYU

October 18: San Diego @ San Francisco

October 20: BYU @ Santa Clara

October 20: San Diego @ Saint Mary's

October 25: LMU @ Pepperdine


October 7: San Diego @ LMU

October 11: San Francisco @ BYU

October 12: LMU @ Santa Clara

October 12: San Diego @ Saint Mary's

October 13: BYU @ Portland

October 14: Gonzaga @ San Francisco

October 19: LMU @ Pepperdine

October 19: Portland @ San Diego

October 28: Pepperdine @ Gonzaga



October 7: Portland @ LMU

October 12: Santa Clara @ Portland

October 14: San Diego @ San Francisco

October 14: Santa Clara @ Gonzaga

October 26: Portland @ Santa Clara

October 28: Portland @ Saint Mary's

Day in the Life Blog: Portland MXC

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Written by: Josh Gorecki, Portland Cross Country, Gr.

Monday morning, the alarm goes off at 6.40am. Not your typical waking hour for a college student! I fumble for my phone to purge the noise so my roommate isn't disturbed (he doesn't look as though he's planning to tackle the day's events anytime soon). I grab my kit and banana, which I placed strategically by my bedside table the night before, and embark on the journey to the Chiles Center for a 7am weight session. I say journey, but the center is in fact only a mere 2-minute walk from my dorm. #convenient. I get to the weight room with a few minutes to spare and begin to casually loosen out on a foam roller...which seems to be almost a religion here. The guys wander in one by one, unusually jovial for so early on a Monday morning. We chat casually for a bit, not about anything in particular; although I often find myself nodding along pointlessly while the topic of American football is being chucked about.

Coach Oz greets us bang on time and takes us through a gentle warm-up, which consists of a quick jog, some light stretching and drills...to get the body in the right place before we hit the big stuff. We then split into groups of around 5 and are introduced to the various workout stations, who will act as our "gospel of no mercy" for the morning. Thankfully, the pull-up bars are not included...although I'm sure my time will come. Sets incorporate around 6-8 stations, each lasting around 45-60 seconds with a quick turnover. Common attendees are push-ups, prowlers (big heavy things which need pushing), dumbbell curls, 3-way monsters (a brutal abdominal routine) and lunges. We usually complete around 4-6 sets, and finish off with light stretching and some drills to cool down. You'd be forgiven for thinking breakfast is in order at this point. However! Half the team rushes off to an 8:10 class, while some of the older lads (including myself) go for an easy five-mile run.

Compulsory team practice is later on in the day at 3 pm where the team meets in the Chiles Center before taking a 10-minute bus journey up to Forest Park. For those who don't know what or where forest park is, it is located on the west of down town Portland and consists of 70+ miles of recreational trails. Abundance of rolling hills and intricate pathways make it a long distance running haven. Legend has it that it is a common sight to see Mo Farah and Galen Rupp gliding through the trees, although so far I've only scouted the odd dog walker and some other fellow trails runners!

We park roughly halfway up the hill/mountain (as the part of the park we run on sits on a steep incline) and get straight into it. The team will generally run between 10 and 14 miles at any one practice, the luxury being that however far you want to go, someone will be aiming for the same distance. The perks of having a large squad! The run starts off pretty gentle and without any urgency to push the pace early on (unless Aiden Irish is at the forefront). Some of the pathways are quite narrow, so it bodes well to relax into the run when navigating such a large group of finely tuned young men. I personally find the routes very captivating, as the terrain is always chopping and changing, making you consider and reconsider your body position and cadence. We occasionally get a few fallers, unsuspecting "dudes" who get carried away with joking around instead of watching out for devious roots...but that's just the way the cookie crumbles. The run in this case stays pretty relaxed throughout and with only a slight pick-up in the second half as most guys are keeping a steady eye on the testing workout the following day! The roundtrip is ended with a select few berry pickers trotting along with the bus during the (abysmally slow) traffic to collect some of "nature's candy"...I think I heard it being describes as that. As for me, my mind is firmly fixed on the Common's and any means of navigating a quick and filling meal, so my energy stores can get back in the game.

While sounding extremely testing, on the contrary I find the day's work to bliss by, fueled by enthusiastic teammates and a passionate set of coaches. I couldn't really ask for more.

Your boy Gorecki

It's Time to REPRESENT!

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This week is a BUSY week for the West Coast Conference. Not only have we just finished hosting our WCC Golf Championships at the San Juan Oaks Golf Club in Hollister, CA, but all nine schools have also been participating in WCC REPRESENT Week on their campuses.

For those of you unfamiliar with REPRESENT, the campaign is a conference-wide effort to promote positive sportsmanship across all 13 WCC-sponsored sports. The WCC Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) came up with the idea about three years ago, and it has transformed into a cohesive team effort to educate student-fan groups about the effects of good sportsmanship by hosting REPRESENT events on campus and various community service projects to help benefit local and national organizations.

In addition to all the events going on at the conference championships (just like the WCC Youth Golf Clinic this past Sunday), the WCC also awards a Sportsmanship Team Award winner at the end of each season. The winners are nominated and chosen by the conference SAAC, and the 2011-12 Winter Sportsmanship Award winners were recently selected. The winners are:

Winter Sportsmanship Team Winners

Men's Basketball: BYU Cougars

SAAC Nomination: As a new member of the WCC, BYU was expected to uphold the high standards set by the Conference regarding high levels of performance both on and off the court. They did this very well. Not only did they increase the competitive nature of the conference with a successful season, but all members of the community (players, coaching staff and fans) were very accommodating and supportive. 

Women's Basketball: Gonzaga Bulldogs

SAAC Nomination: Yet again, GU has fielded a strong women's basketball team. It really goes without saying as this year's Zags extended their season into the Sweet 16 in the NCAA Tournament. All talent aside, I have selected GU as the 2012 Sportsmanship Award Nominee because of a number of nonathletic factors. Regardless of the score of the game, or the intensity of the competition, players on the GU squad can be counted on to always lend a helping hand when an opposing player has be knocked to the ground, or respond positively to an occasional joke on the court. It is nice to know that even when a team is beating up on you, they can display enough humility to win and behave graciously. 

Institutional Sportsmanship "Actions" Award Winner 

University of San Diego

SAAC Nomination: The "Spirit of the Torero" Facebook page serves as a contest for USD teams to post pictures of positive sportsmanship, and team points are tallied during the year to track progress.

Congratulations to all our teams, especially BYU, Gonzaga and San Diego, for earning the Sportsmanship Team Awards for Winter 2011-12! 

For more information on REPRESENT, click here: http://www.wccsports.com/genrel/west-11-represent.html 





WCC Teams "Pitch In For Baseball"

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As part of the West Coast Conference's commitment to REPRESENT, WCC baseball teams will participate in a conference-wide community service initiative. This will round out all 13 conference-sponsored sports hosting a community service initiative on campus or at their respective championship this year. 

Beginning this April, all nine baseball teams will host a WCC "Pitch In For Baseball" series, which invites players, coaches, and fans to donate gently used baseball equipment, such as gloves, bats, protective gear and other items. Some teams will be providing free admission to those who donate.

All donated items will then be sent to Pitch In For Baseball, a volunteer-driven organization that distributes all usable items to children all over the world. Its mission is "to help kids and make friends all over the world by sharing the great game of baseball." Pitch In For Baseball also believes the sport of baseball is an avenue to teach kids the values of teamwork and sportsmanship, both tenets of the WCC REPRESENT campaign.

Below are the dates for each WCC "Pitch In For Baseball" series across the conference:

Host Institution Date Series Opponent
LMU April 12-14 USF
Gonzaga April 13-15 Santa Clara
USF April 20-22 Gonzaga
BYU May 4-6 San Diego
Saint Mary's May 4-6 Gonzaga
Pepperdine May 10-12 BYU
Portland May 11-13 Saint Mary's
San Diego May 11-13 LMU
Santa Clara May 25-27 LMU

Please visit your favorite WCC baseball team's for more information on its particular series. If you would like more information on what items can be donated, click here: http://www.pitchinforbaseball.org/html/stepuptotheplate.html

For all things WCC baseball-related, go to: http://www.wccsports.com/sports/m-basebl/west-m-basebl-body.html

Director of Marketing & Community Relations

Palm, Hudson, Karr join us on "WCC Live" guests on Feb. 22

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SAN BRUNO, Calif. - WCC Live is back with an all-new episode on February 22.  This popular Internet radio talk show airs each Wednesday from 8 to 9 p.m. Pacific.  On this week's show - the regular season finale - host Jeff Lampe will chat live with CollegeRPI.com's and CBSSports.com's Jerry Palm, Gonzaga play-by-play radio voice Tom Hudson, and GU junior Taelor Karr.  All three guests take questions from listeners via e-mail and Twitter.  

Fans can submit questions for any of our guests any time by e-mail (
radio@westcoast.org); Twitter (@WCCsports); or on our Facebook page (Facebook.com/WCCsports); or by phone (877-779-6383) during the live broadcast.  If you can't catch the show live, don't worry.  You can listen on-demand anytime.  You can even download the show for your mp3 player, free of charge. 

The link to tune-in is
http://blogtalkradio.com/wccsports. "WCC Live" can also be heard on any smart phone by visiting the same link!

Enjoy the show!

Jeff Tourial
Director of Communications and New Media, West Coast Conference
Twitter: @ jtourial

Zaninovich, Jeff Goodman on Feb. 8 "WCC Live"

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LAS VEGAS - WCC Live is back with an all-new episode tonight (Wednesday)!  This popular Internet radio talk show airs each Wednesday from 8 to 9 p.m. Pacific.  On this week's show, host Jeff Lampe will chat live with WCC Commissioner Jamie Zaninovich, CBSsports.com Senior Writer Jeff Goodman, and Gonzaga junior guard Mike Hart.  All three guests take questions from listeners via e-mail and Twitter. 

Fans can submit questions for any of our guests any time by e-mail (
radio@westcoast.org); Twitter (@WCCsports); or on our Facebook page (Facebook.com/WCCsports); or by phone (877-779-6383) during the live broadcast.  If you can't catch the show live, don't worry.  You can listen on-demand anytime.  You can even download the show for your mp3 player, free of charge. 

The link to tune-in is
http://blogtalkradio.com/wccsports. "WCC Live" can also be heard on any smart phone by visiting the same link!

Do you have a guest that we should talk to on a future episode of "WCC Live?"
  Please contact me via the link below.

Enjoy the games! 

Jeff Tourial
Director of Communications and New Media, West Coast Conference
Twitter: @ jtourial