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  Tom Hiler

Tom Hiler

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Coordinator of Baseball Umpires

Tom Hiler was hired as the West Coast Conference Coordinator of Baseball Officials in August of 2000. Hiler's main responsibilities as the Coordinator of Baseball Officials have included the scheduling umpires and crew chiefs for all home games hosted by a WCC school, as well as evaluating and hiring current and future WCC umpires.

A Salem, Oregon native, Hiler has a history with the West Coast Conference as he has been a member of the WCC baseball umpire staff for 12 years and also served as the crew chief for the 2002 inaugural WCC Baseball Championships. Hiler brings an extensive officiating background to the position, as he was also formerly on the umpiring staff of the Pac-10, Mountain West Conference, the Western Athletic Conference, the Western Baseball League and the Golden Baseball League. From 1992-1997, Hiler umpired professionally in six different minor leagues across the nation (Northwest League, South Atlantic League, California League, Carolina League, Eastern League and the Texas League). Hiler currently is the Supervisor of Baseball Umpires for the West Coast Conference (NCAA Division I and The California Collegiate Athletic Association NCAA Division II).

Hiler has also been instrumental with the development of other officials at every level. He has been part-owner of the Western States Umpire Combine since 2000, helping to promote high school and collegiate umpiring and mechanics. In the past, Hiler has also been an instructor at the Jim Evans Academy of Professional Umpiring, which prepares umpires for the entry level of professional baseball.