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2016 WCC Women’s Cross Country Update - 10/14/16

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Team Invitational Victories: 8
Individual Wins: 6
Top-Five Finishers: 28

WCC Programs in the USTFCCCA Regional Rankings: 5
As of 10/3/16
2. Portland (West)
3. BYU (Mountain)
6. San Francisco (West)
15. Loyola Marymount (West)

WCC Programs in the USTFCCCA National Rankings: 2
As of 10/4/16
5. Portland
15. BYU
19. San Francisco 

As of 10/10/16 

Team Wins:
Autumn Invitational
Virginia Panorama Field’s Invitational
Steve Reeder Invitational 

Individual Win: 1
Erica Birk (Autumn Invitational 3 mi- 17:25.7) 

Top 5 finishes: 7
Erica Birk (1st, Autumn Invitational 3 mi- 17:25.7)
Laura Young (3rd - Autumn Invitational- 3 mi- 17:33.5)
Ashleigh Warner (4th - Autumn Invitational- 3 mi 17:40.3)
Yesenia Silva (5th- Autumn Invitational – 3 mi 17:42.3)
Yesenia Silva (4th- Virginia Panorama Field’s Invitational- 5k 17:17.2)
Erica Brik (5ht- Virginia Panorama Field’s Invitational- 5k 17:17.2)
Alice Jensen (2nd Steve Reeder Invitational- 5k 18:25.62) 

Misc impressive stats
Currently ranked 15th in the nation
Currently 3rd in the Mountain Region 

Team Wins:

Individual Wins: 3
Jordan Thurston (Clash of the Inland Northwest- 4k 13:40.6
Jordan Thurston (Idaho-Gonzaga Dual- 6k 17:32.8
Jordan Thurston (Montana Invitational- 6k 21:09.29) 

Top 5 Finishes: 4
Jordan Thurston (1st, Clash of the Inland Northwest- 4k 13:40.6)
Jordan Thurston (1st, Idaho-Gonzaga Dual- 6k 17:32.8)
Jordan Thurston (1st, Montana Invitational- 6k 21:09.29)
Jessica Mildes (5th- Montana Invitational- 6k 22:17.19) 

Misc Impressive Stats:
Jordan Thurston broke program’s record on a 4,000-meter course (13:40.6) 

Team Wins:

Individual Wins:

Top 5 Finishes: 2
Maddi Vorgitch (5th- Mark Covert Classic- 5k 18:28.0)
Kayla de Bondt (4th- Capital Cross Challenge- 6k 20:50.3) 

Team Wins:

Individual Wins: 0

Top 5 finishes: 1
Lindsay Sheaffer (3rd at Pepperdine Invitational- 4k 15:23.26)

Team Wins:
John Frank Invitational
Roy Griak Invitational
Chales Bowles Invitational 

Individual Wins: 1
Parkes Kendrick (John Frank- 5k 16:52.8) 

Top 5 finishes: 7
Parkes Kendrick (1st, John Frank- 5k 16:52.8)
Anne Lujten (2nd at John Frank Invitational- 5k 16:53.3)
Taryn Rawlings (3rd at John Frank Invitational- 5k 16:53.8)
Courtney Cox (5th at John Frank Invitational- 5k 17:23.7)
Lauren LaRocco (3rd at Roy Griak Invitational- 6k 21:30)
Anne Lujten (5th at Roy Griak Inviational- 6k 21:57)
Mathilde Sagnes (2nd at Charles Bowles Invitational- 5k 17:31.8) 

Misc Impressive Stats
5th in the nation
2nd in the west region 

Team Wins: 1
Speedway Duals 

Individual Wins: 1
Abby Bolt (Speedway Duals- 5.8k 21:59.9) 

Top 5 Finishes: 3
Abby Bolt (1st, Speedway Duals- 5.8k 21:59.9)
Ali Teliha (4th at Speedway Duals- 5.8k 22:22.1)
Hannah English (5th Speedway Duals- 5.8k 22:28.2)  

Team Wins:

Individual Wins:

Top 5 finishes: 2
Sam Mattice (2nd at WCC Preview- 6k 22:24)
Andrea Hughes (5th at WCC Preview- 6k 22:31) 

Team Wins:
San Francisco Invitational 

Individual Wins: 0

Top 5 Finishes: 2
Charlotte Taylor (3rd at San Francisco Invitational- 6k 20:52.4)
Ashley Moffett (5th at Golden Gate Invitational- 6k 22:19.6) 

Misc Impressive Stats
Currently Ranked 19th in the nation