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WCC Commissioner's Cup Update presented by Comcast Cable

April 21, 2010

San Bruno, Calif.-- With the conclusion of the WCC Golf Championships, the West Coast Conferences announces another update of the WCC Commissioner's Cup presented by Comcast Cable. The Commissioner's Cup is an all-sports award presented at the end of each academic year to the league's top performing school in conference play. A Men's and Women's All-Sports Award, recognizing athletic achievement within each gender, will also be presented.

The recipient of the Commissioner's Cup is based on a point system, reflecting the place finish of each team in conference play. The Men's and Women's All-Sports Awards are given to the schools that accumulate the most points within each particular gender sport. The institution with the highest point total after combining the men's and women's point totals will be honored with the Commissioner's Cup. San Diego was the recipient of the Commissioner's Cup trophy last year, earning its second straight trophy.

Heading into the WCC Golf Championships, Portland held the top spot in the Commissioner's Cup standings as well as the men's all-sports award. After tying for sixth place at the golf championships, the Pilots garnered enough points to maintain the lead on both lists. San Diego made the biggest jump, moving from fifth place into second, as the men were runner's up at the golf championships. Saint Mary's stays in third place after the men placed fifth at golf, while Loyola Marymount dropped from second to fourth. Santa Clara moved up two spots into fifth place, San Francisco maintains the sixth spot, and Gonzaga and Pepperdine end up tied for seventh to round out the Commissioner's Cup standings.

In terms of the men's all-sports award, Saint Mary's jumped up a spot for second place, while Loyola Marymount and San Francisco are tied for third. San Diego and Santa Clara also jumped a spot and currently stand in fifth and sixth place respectively. Gonzaga and Pepperdine round out the seventh and eighth place spots.

A complete update will be provided after the WCC Women's Rowing Championships, since only five teams compete in women's golf and rowing and points are awarded according to the highest finish of the two championships for the women.

2009-10 Commissioner's Cup Standings
Updated 4/21/10
Portland - 41.0
San Diego - 38.0
Saint Mary's - 37.5
Loyola Marymount - 35.0
Santa Clara - 34.5
San Francisco - 34.0
Gonzaga - 33.5
Pepperdine - 33.5

Men's All-Sports Award
Portland - 21.5
Saint Mary's - 20.0
Loyola Marymount - 18.5
San Francisco - 18.5
San Diego - 18.0
Santa Clara - 17.0
Gonzaga - 16.5
Pepperdine - 13.0

Women's All-Sports Award
Pepperdine - 20.5
San Diego - 20.0
Portland - 19.5
Saint Mary's - 17.5
Santa Clara - 17.5
Gonzaga - 17.0
Loyola Marymount - 16.5
San Francisco - 15.5

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