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Broncos On A Mission This Year

Oct. 8, 2013

Click here to view the On A Mission montage video

Santa Clara University Athletics officially released the On A Mission montage on its YouTube channel, SantaClaraBroncos.

On A Mission is Santa Clara's new Department-wide unifying theme, branding tag line and battle cry to bind the entire Department - student-athletes, coaches, staff, volunteers, Ruff Riders, spirit groups, Bronco Bench Foundation members and supporters. This year the Broncos are On A Mission - both literally and figuratively.

What does On A Mission mean? It's a mindset and a culture Santa Clara is creating about the pursuit of its goals and the execution of its mission. It means being focused, driven, passionate, committed, proud, selfless, relentless, and tough - Bronco tough. It means being entitled to nothing and appreciative of everything. It means being thoroughly invested in this great University and taking enormous pride in the vital role representing Santa Clara and shaping these young lives. Santa Clara absolutely measures success in victories and in championships, and also in diplomas, honor rolls, Rhodes Scholarships, valedictorians, and the respect of its peers - and in outcomes that are impossible to precisely measure yet undeniable like character and heart and compassion for others.


Courtesy of SCU Athletics