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Become a Facebook Fan of the West Coast Conference

Dec. 30, 2008

San Bruno, CA - The West Coast Conference has recently launched its first official Facebook site, in hopes that it will serve as an avenue for current and former members of all eight institutions and outside fans to connect.

"The use of social networking sites such as Facebook provide the WCC an interactive resource to communicate with our fans and reach a demographic we didn't feel we were reaching before," said WCC Commissioner Jamie Zaninovich. "With our official Facebook site, we want to build a sense of community and give WCC fans another opportunity to personally associate themselves with the West Coast Conference."

Notes, videos, a discussion board, and a comment wall are the main features of the site, allowing ample opportunity for fans to interact and learn more about the WCC. There also will be links periodically posted to bring everyone, from the dedicated WCC fan to the simply curious, to other relevant stories and websites.

To view the WCC's Facebook page, you must be a Facebook member. If you are not already, it is free to become one. Simply click HERE and sign up!