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USF Cross-Country/Track Sends Athletic Equipment to Project Yucatan

May 31, 2007

The USF men's and women's track and cross-country teams collected used and new athletic equipment to donate to Project Yucatan. Project Yucatan is based in Tekit, Mexico and aims to improve the lives of economically disadvatanged Mayan youth and their familes by promoting education and economic growth in the community.

This is part of Project Yucatan which was developed by USF education professor Joan Davis. USF Events Coordinator Julie Congi coordinated the team's involvement along with coach Christine Engel.

"Most of our kids wear flip flops or go barefoot when they play informal sports or new games with us," said professor Davis. "They even play soccer barefoot because most don't have the resources to buy athletic shoes.

"Now that all of our kids will have a pair of athletic shoes, I think it would be great if we started some running/jogging/walking groups in the early evenings (when it isn't so hot and we are back in town) as part of our body-mind-spirit commitment. It raises community awareness of the importance of physical fitness."