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Day in the Life Blog: Portland Men's Cross Country

Sept. 14, 2012

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SAN BRUNO, Calif. - As part of the West Coast Conference's #dedication series, various student-athletes will be writing a "Day in the Life" blog to give us a quick glimpse of their experiences as WCC student-athletes. The first blog of the year comes from graduate student Josh Gorecki, who runs for the Portland cross country team. Read about how Gorecki and his team have dedicated their time in Portland to prepare for the WCC Preview that occurs on Saturday, September 15 at Fern Hill Park.

Day in the Life Blog: Portland MXC

Written by: Josh Gorecki, Portland Cross Country, Gr.

Monday morning, the alarm goes off at 6.40am. Not your typical waking hour for a college student! I fumble for my phone to purge the noise so my roommate isn't disturbed (he doesn't look as though he's planning to tackle the day's events anytime soon). I grab my kit and banana, which I placed strategically by my bedside table the night before, and embark on the journey to the Chiles Center for a 7am weight session. I say journey, but the center is in fact only a mere 2-minute walk from my dorm. #convenient. I get to the weight room with a few minutes to spare and begin to casually loosen out on a foam roller...which seems to be almost a religion here. The guys wander in one by one, unusually jovial for so early on a Monday morning. We chat casually for a bit, not about anything in particular; although I often find myself nodding along pointlessly while the topic of American football is being chucked about.

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