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A New Academic Year, New Agenda

Oct. 15, 2010

Santa Clara University has a fresh administration leading Associated Student Government (ASG). President Chris Mosier '11 and Vice President Nhu-Nguyen Le '12 are ASG veterans and cross-country teammates ready to help make SCU a better University.

When asked about their platform, Mosier and Le immediately began describing a tangible effect of their platform of "creation." Mosier pointed out the Adopt-a-Class program, where students are paired with faculty to help them find jobs in this rough economic climate. He also mentioned that the program was meant to make sure students were "more aware of the opportunities in Silicon Valley."

Le continued, pointing out their plan to emphasize sustainability across campus. He said that "ASG wants to maintain a standard of sustainability...this is something you can carry with you after college." As a foundation to that standard, ASG has adopted an "Environmental Standard" with conservation-themed habits they pledge to strive for that are "directly harmonious with the Climate Neutrality Action Plan."

Both students were also very excited about the potential of a new online program for all of SCU's organizations. OrgSync, which Mosier calls "truly incredible...the next step in technology and networking," is an online management website new to SCU (we join a group of over 125 campuses) that allows clubs and other student organizations to post announcements, events, and news. Through OrgSync, clubs can also manage their membership and maintain numerous aspects of official business. Mosier and Le voiced their intention to get all of SCU's clubs and CSOs (Chartered Student Organizations) onto OrgSync, along with individual profiles for the entire freshman class of 2014.

Another priority is the launch of ASG's website. "We're getting rid of the old ASG website. It's old, and frankly quite terrible," said Mosier. Le says the new site will enable students to find more information about ASG and SCU. He also mentioned a new ASG Facebook page, which will be useable as another student resource.

Though both Mosier and Le said that overall, students are very content, they had heard and did have some of their own complaints about SCU as a whole that they plan to address. As student-athletes, both expressed disdain for the lack of student participation in sports other than basketball and even in basketball, outside of big ticket games such as the annual derby against Gonzaga.

Mosier spoke about the ongoing debate over Greek life on campus as another enduring issue, saying that, "I think it's time to start engaging people." Meanwhile, Le had a more direct challenge for his fellow students: "If students don't like something, speak up. Be aware of what ASG does for you."

Finally, considering that Le is only a junior and, therefore, has a full year left after completing his full term as vice president of ASG, fyi was interested to know whether, in this very swift political climate we live in, Le had given any thought to running for president in 2011. He laughed, before saying "Oh, I don't know...if I still have the energy. Hopefully I could carry the platform for another year."