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DAILY BREEZE: It Can Drive You Up A Wall

April 20, 2007

This feature on the Mikos Blue Monster ran in the April 20th edition of the South Bay Daily Breeze.

The Wall has eyes.

It's nosy, too, obtrusively invading the space of unsuspecting left fielders. Oh, and it has ears, too, but don't let it hear you.

Because it also has a big, fat mouth that will relentlessly hound you for as long as it takes to play nine innings.

Welcome to the land of the Mikos Blue Monster, the elephant in the room at George C. Page Stadium, where Loyola Marymount University invites teams over for an afternoon of baseball. And, the Lions hope, a dose here and there of sheer horror.

It turns heads, simply because it is a replica of the Green Monster in Boston's Fenway Park. It has close to the same dimensions, the same hand-worked scoreboard, the same kind of net rising skyward above it to snag any home run that dares to clear it.

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