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NCAA Long Beach Regional Press Conference Quotes

May 31, 2007

Long Beach, Calif. -


Steve Rodriguez
Pepperdine Head Coach

Opening Comments
I think it is really important to understand that Long Beach does an amazing job with the regional...I know each team here is going to be unbelievably satisfied with the playing conditions and treatment they're going to receive here...I know we're just happy to be in the tournament so coming to this place and being a part of a first-class regional is very exciting to us.

What happened after strong start and slump late in the season
It's called baseball. It just happens...You guys are playing well, there is times when pitching goes on streaks, hitting goes on streaks, some times both kind of go down and times when both are as high as they can possibly be...But what is great is we've had a couple of weeks off and everybody is really fresh, excited to go...I've explained to our guys that everybody is 0-0 and you can almost look at all 55 games as almost our own little spring training because now is when everything counts and we're looking to play for one more weekend at least.

Was there any one thing that really bothered you?
The guys we had out there are the same guys we have in there today...Nothing has really changed...The game changes a little bit, we try to push things, try to rush things, try to make everything happen in one at-bat or one pitch and I think the biggest thing for us is to try make sure we can relax and have fun...The guys that are going to be out there are the guys that are going to carry us all the way to Omaha we're hoping...I don't think there was any one thing during that stretch that was more frustrating it's just knowing the guys who can do it are going to be out there and we're looking for them to do it again this weekend.

How do you keep these guys from getting draft jitters?
It's every kids dream to play in the Big Leagues...What I do like to relay to these kids is you're only going to be doing this for so long and then pretty soon it is going to become a career for you and the biggest thing for me is to make sure when they go out and play professional baseball that they're very well prepared...And that's my goal, to make sure that they know everything they're going to be up against.

What advantage does being an experienced postseason team have over a young UCLA team?
The advantage for me is our guys have been here and I think they're kind of sick of coming in runner-up...So hopefully, we can kind of take that one step further this year.

Barry Enright
Friday's Starting Pitcher

On being used in so many situations
Well the truth is, I just love to pitch, basically...I've been used in every situation over the last three years and I just go out there and compete as well as I can...I just try to give my team a good pitching performance and try and keep them in the game.

On Blair Field Being a Pitcher's Park
It's an awesome park and great atmosphere...I got to pitch here my freshman year in a regional and I always said joking around that this is a Big League mound...It's a fun place to be, great atmosphere four our team, great fans and it's going to be a fun time for us and so we're just hoping to come out with the same intensity and match anyone else and play to the best of our ability.

Do you approach the regional any different that a regular-season game?Well, you like to say you take every game the same and no game is bigger than any other but we've talked about we've been here and, for us, this is our third year...We have that itch and feeling that we have been runner-up and these are big games.

Danny Worth
Junior Shortstop

Is there an advantage of disadvantage to playing teams you have played during the regular season?

I think it helps because we get to see the pitching for the hitters. We know what we're up against, even though tomorrow I think we have Tyson Brummett who we haven't seen yet...I think it's definitely an advantage because we have already played here and been in this atmosphere two years ago (2005 NCAA Regional) and we know what it's going to be like.

Do you have to change your approach to hitting here?
No. Pepperdine is a pitcher's ballpark as well so you have to go line-drive singles and gap-to-gap doubles.