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MLB Draft Concludes with 24 WCC Players Selected

June 10, 2009

SAN BRUNO, Calif. - With the conclusion of the MLB First-Year Player Draft, 24 WCC players have been drafted by major league teams. Loyola Marymount had the first two players taken off the board in Angelo Songco and Ryan Wheeler, who were taken in the fourth and fifth rounds respectively. The total beats last year's mark of 21.

Below is a list of the WCC players that were selected in this year's MLB First Year Player Draft.

WCC Players Selected In The 2009 MLB First-Year Player Draft
Angelo Songco Loyola Marymount University Junior Los Angeles Dodgers 4th No. 127
Ryan Wheeler Loyola Marymount University Junior Arizona Diamondbacks 5th No. 156
Jon Karcich Santa Clara University Junior Anaheim Angels 7th No. 231
Tyson Van Winkle Gonzaga University Junior Arizona Diamondbacks 10th No. 306
Matt Thomson University of San Diego Junior Detroit Tigers 12th No. 360
Kyle Jensen Saint Mary's College Junior Florida Marlins 12th No. 368
Anthony Aliotti Saint Mary's College Junior Oakland Athletics 15th No. 453
Casey Schmidt University of San Diego Sophomore New York Mets 15th No. 464
Sean Nicol University of San Diego Senior Washington Nationals 16th No. 472
Nathan Newman Pepperdine University Senior Detroit Tigers 17th No. 510
Steven Ames Gonzaga University Junior Los Angeles Dodgers 17th No. 517
Scott Schneider Saint Mary's College Junior Saint Louis Cardinals 20th No. 609
Matt Fields Gonzaga University Senior Toronto Blue Jays 22nd No. 670
Ryan Wiegand Gonzaga University Senior Tampa Bay Rays 25th No. 769
Nathan Simon Pepperdine University Senior Florida Marlins 27th No. 818
Brian Justice Saint Mary's College Senior Toronto Blue Jays 27th No. 820
Derek Poppert University of San Francisco Junior Cincinnati Reds 28th No. 839
Nick Gaudi Pepperdine University Senior Los Angeles Dodgers 30th No. 907
Matt Long Santa Clara University Senior Anaheim Angels 30th No. 921
A.J. Griffin University of San Diego Junior Philadelphia Phillies 35th No. 1037
Kyle Spraker Loyola Marymount University Senior Tampa Bay Rays 35th No. 1039
A.J. Proszek Gonzaga University Senior San Francisco Giants 38th No. 1137
Ryan Lipkin University of San Francisco Junior Oakland Athletics 43rd No. 1293
XavierEsquivel Loyola Marymount University Junior New York Yankees 49th No. 1485