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A Summer Ball Experience

July 26, 2007

Over the summer, USF senior infielder Joey Railey has been playing for the Yarmouth Dennis Red Sox of the Cape Cod League. Railey took some time to jot a diary entry concerning his time away from San Francisco.

I am heading into the last month of my summer season here in the Cape. I have to say that this has been one of the best summers of life, not only in a baseball sense, but the entire summer experience as a whole. The baseball here is unbelievable. I get to face the top pitchers from all over the country and defend against great hitters. I feel so lucky to be here.

The league uses high school fields made up of some fairly nice playing surfaces. And the local townspeople and kids who attend the games are wonderful. At the end of every game, I get to sign autographs for little boys and girls. It truly makes me realize how special this place is. Even if I have a terrible game and feel down, the kids still ask for my signature and I can't help but feel good inside.

This is my third year playing summer baseball while attending the University of San Francisco. So coming into the summer I had a good idea of what the experience would be like. However, this year I am faced with many new challenges.

This is my first year living with a host family. At first, I was very nervous with the idea of living with a family I had never met before. But after a few days they made me feel right at home. I live in South Dennis with the O'Connor family. Jack and Janice have two children, Matthew, who is fifteen and Kayleen, who is thirteen. They are fabulous!

Every morning I have breakfast with my host father, Jack. When I do not have a game, which is usually one day a week, we go to the beach. I also on occasion find myself shooting pool or playing foosball with Matt and Kayleen. Matt and Kayleen are both very athletic. They both play hockey and baseball, so when I have time I attend their games.

Along with helping mow the lawn for Jack and helping around the house, I also work seven days a week. On weekdays, I work the six week long YD Red Sox baseball clinics. I am happy to say that I work with the best age group...the four and five year olds. They are so much fun to coach! Our day usually consists of playing catch; groundball competitions, pop-ups, relay races and playing duck-duck goose. For the last 45 minutes of the clinic, they play a baseball game against each other.

Fridays at camp are the best! We have the kids play a game against their parents then they compete in an egg toss competition, and we have a slip and slide. Along with working the baseball clinics, I also umpire Little League games on the weekends. My host dad got me the job and it is a lot of fun. I usually work the morning games because I play in the afternoon.

The Cape Cod League has been an experience that I will never forget and will cherish forever.