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LMU Nominations Collected for WCC's 40th Anniversary Team

Oct. 20, 2006

Los Angeles, Calif. - In honor of the West Coast Conference celebrating its 40th season of sponsoring baseball, the conference office will mark the milestone with the selection of a 40th Anniversary Baseball Team . The ceremonial team will consist of the top-40 players that participated at the collegiate level for WCC institutions since 1968. Earlier this month, LMU baseball asked for your help in nominating the Lions' top-15 players for consideration.

The WCC's top-40 team will include only players from the league's current membership, and each of the honorees will be recognized for their contributions to the conference, with primary focus on collegiate accomplishments.

The team will be selected by a vote from WCC administrators, league institutions, and members of local and national media outlets. Each of the eight current member institutions will be represented by at least one player on the WCC 40th Anniversary Team, with a maximum of 15 athletes from any one institution. The WCC 40th Anniversary Baseball Team will be announced on January 3, 2007.

Over the last few weeks, LMU fans have nominated Lions to be considered for the WCC's honor. LMU baseball is pleased to recognize the following Lions who were nominated by LMU fans:

Anthony Angel
Jason Aspito
Billy Bean
Miah Bradbury
Jim Bruske
Joe Ciccarella
Bobby DeJardin
Chris Donnels
Curt Fiore
Carl Fraticelli
Chris Gomez
Jesse Ibarra
Dean Jelmini
Stephen Kahn
Jim Kerker
Tim Layana
Billy Lockin
Mike Logelin
Jim McAnany
Anthony Napolitano
Russ Noah
Matt Riordan
Michael Schultz
Darryl Scott
Bob Sheldon
Jerry Stone
Travis Tarchione
Billy Traber
Rod Volk
Scott Walter
Tim Williams

Keep an eye on www.LMULions.com for further updates on the WCC 40th Anniversary Team.