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#5 San Diego vs. #8 Pepperdine

March 2, 2007


Head Coach Brad Holland

Opening Remarks: "It's not easy to beat a team three times. Overall we played a pretty good ballgame. We had 28 assists, [Brandon Johnson] having eleven of them. We shot the ball extremely well. We traded baskets quite a few possessions. Pepperdine is very good at getting you into that kind of game, but we kept the lead. [Pepperdine] closed it a couple of times but we went back up and made a couple of runs to extend the lead, so that was important. They're a difficult team to play but I overall I thought our guys did a credible job, particularly on the offensive end.

On Nir Cohen's play: "Nir finished so well. They'd collapse on Nir, we'd get it to him and he made some real strong moves to get the ball and finish.

On Ross deRogatis' play: "He is our leading three point field goal shooter in the history of our program. He gets it going, he feels it, and that ball's going in. He's done that many times in his career and he did it tonight.

Nir Cohen:

On San Diego's effectiveness in the post: "The guards did an incredible job of finding [post players] and isolating the mismatches and then it was just us taking our time and finishing.

Ross DeRogatis:

On competitiveness of the conference: "[The eighth seed] can beat [the top seed] any night of the week. We couldn't look past Pepperdine. We couldn't take this game lightly because they have the ability to beat anybody in the conference. We came out from the get-go and played well."


Head Coach Vance Wahlburg:

Opening Remarks: "Anytime you lose it's frustrating... especially the last game of the year. On Monday we had a great win over Santa Clara and won two of our last three and we were hoping we could parlay that into something. But, San Diego's a little tougher than us inside and did a nice job."

On San Diego's 3-Point Shooting: "They hit some big shots. It wasn't like we didn't talk about it before the game... we've had some mental lapses during the course of the year and unfortunately we had a few more tonight. You've got to give them credit."

On San Diego's Size: "The team that can get easier shots usually wins. They were getting a lot easier shots than we were getting, and when you've got a little bit more size that usually happens."

Kevin Barlow:

On His Personal and the Team's Second Half Struggles: "I think we were rushing, we weren't being patient and spacing the floor as we should have. I wasn't aggressive enough."