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WCC Final - Postgame Quotes

March 5, 2007

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Head Coach Mark Few:
Opening Remarks:
"That's the most satisfying win and accomplishment I've ever been a part of. It's been an amazing season with this group and it's been an even more amazing last three or four weeks. It just shows the character of these guys that are in the program and what this program is all about."

On Santa Clara: "The computers don't reflect it, but Santa Clara is an NCAA tournament team. They've had one heck of a year and they are incredibly difficult to prepare for. They are incredibly difficult to stop on the defensive end and they're harder than heck to stop on the offensive end. To me, that's what an NCAA tournament team is. We were fortunate to be able to get it done against them tonight."

On Dick Davey: "It's been an honor to compete against a guy like Dick Davey. He's been great for our profession and he's somebody I've looked up to. He's done it right and I don't agree with how they've handled their business down there. He should have been able to go out on his own terms. When you are winning games and not cheating and doing right, that's what college basketball is all about. He's not a good coach, he's great coach. It's been a lot of fun and it's been really tough going into battle with that guy. I think the world of him and I hope he coaches again because he deserves to."

On Derek Raivio: "He did what every great senior that we've had at Gonzaga has done at this time of year. He played his best game he's ever played in the biggest moment and when we needed him the most. That's what you want your seniors to do and your leaders to do and he strapped us on his back and delivered us."

On the West Coast Conference Receiving Multiple NCAA Tournament Bids: "I think we [the West Coast Conference] should [get two teams in the tournament]. I was absolutely perplexed that people were claiming that we had to win this game. This is a tough league. When you go and win this league outright and have the resume that we do with our out of conference wins [you deserve a bid]. We haven't done a great job as a conference of skewing the RPI like a lot of these other conferences have. This thing is so computer driven now it's crazy. It's not reflecting accurately who the best teams are."

David Pendergraft
On His Performance During the WCC Tournament:
"I think my stroke is feeling pretty good right now and my teammates, especially Derek off pick and rolls, are finding me and I'm taking the open shot and it's going in for us. It feels good and I hope we can continue that."

On Winning this Year's WCC Tournament: It feels a lot different [than other WCC tournament wins]. All the adversity we've been through, all the troubles and negative attention we've received. Especially not knowing if we're going to make it to the tournament if we didn't win this game. We all came together through that tough time a month ago and it feels awesome.

On Gonzaga's Chances in the NCAA Tournament: "I feel like we can play with anybody, especially through this last stretch of games. Whoever it is, they're going to be scared to play us and we'll be ready to go."

Derek Raivio
On Winning This Year's WCC Tournament:
"This is the best one by far. With me being a senior this year and a lot of attention on myself, it's the best one by far. All the guys on our team are like brothers and we'll do anything for each other, and that's why it feels so good. We're just so happy for each other."

On Gonzaga's Chances in the NCAA Tournament: "I like our chances. I don't care where we're seeded and we're on a roll right now and I think we can give a lot of teams a lot of trouble."

Micah Downs
On Gonzaga Being an Underdog in the NCAA Tournament:
"I don't think teams are going to overlook us. We had a real tough pre-season and we were winning games and we should have won more than we did. We might be a little bit of underdogs, but I don't think teams will overlook us."


Head Coach Dick Davey:
Opening Remarks:
"My respect goes out to Gonzaga. They've done a tremendous job with the program. [I give] nothing but credit to them for what they did this year under tough circumstances. As for the game... we lost. We had a chance, but we didn't shoot well after about five minutes left in the first half. Again, [I give] the credit to them."

About Preparing for Potential Postseason Games: "I think our guys would like to have a day or two off. We'll probably start up again on Thursday with the idea in mind that there's a chance we could play in the NIT."

Emotions at the End of the Game: "I don't want this to be about me, but I love the game, what can I say."

On Raivio: "[He was] phenomenal. He always seems to do it against us. For some reason, he lights up when he sees the Broncos."

On Whether This Year is His Last: "Who knows... we'll see."

On the End of First Half and Second Half Shooting Woes: "We tried to play a little too fast, and [Gonzaga's] defense geared up. We were a little impatient at certain points, where we could have executed a little bit better."

Scott Dougherty:
On the Second Half Shooting Woes:
"I credit Gonzaga. They did a good job of taking away some of our shooters on the perimeter, and played tough inside."

On the Difference Between This Game and the Last One in Spokane: "There's not any one reason why we lost. They played better than we did. They did the little things better than we did tonight."

On Raivio: "He's a competitor; he always shows up in big games. He capitalized any time we made a mistake defensively."