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Post-Game Quotes :: WCC Tournament :: USD vs. LMU

March 7, 2009

San Diego Head Coach Bill Grier

Opening Statement:
The way we played the first half was sloppy offensively and we didn't play very aggressively. That's how we played them the second time around in LA, so we challenged them at half time to find out what kind of heart they had and what kind of competitors they are. To their credit, they went out and there was a stress in the second half where I think we really took control of the game from about the 16-minute mark to the 11-minute mark and I think they did a good job scrapping against the other team. You know at this time of the year, its really not about how pretty you play; its about advancing to the next round. It's good to get this first one out of the way.

On playing in a neutral atmosphere:
You know it's always nice to play on your own court. It's where these guys play and practice everyday, but you know, I think the league had done a good job of with this tournament. It has that big time feel. Its very neutral and I think that's what the conference should be, an equal ground for everyone.

Senior Forward Gyno Pomare

On playing with Roberto:
It works out well, having Roberto out there is good to have another man down there. He scored also. I get to defend them while he blocks shots so he really provided a spark for us out there. He played really hard and kept us going, kept me going.

Junior Forward/Center Roberto Mafra

On first experience in D1 conference tournament:
I felt great. I was scared of going home after the first half so now I feel great. I'm still excited to play; now I feel great.

Loyola Marymount Head Coach Max Good

Opening Statement:
I want to congratulate Bill Grier and San Diego for playing a really nice game. I happen to like Coach Grier a lot. I like all the coaches in this league. A wise old coach in Kentucky once told me, " If you are not careful when you are coaching, when your coaching career is over, you will be able to count your coaching friends on one hand. It ain't oughta be that way." This is a tough business and everyone is trying their hardest to win, and I want to congratulate them on doing what they had to do to win the game tonight.

On Kevin Young:
I told Kevin just the other day, and its going to sound like I'm having a love affair with him and I am, if he gains another 25 pounds I am going to have to register him as a lethal weapon. Because with 25 more pounds and if he maintains his quickness, because he has a lot of heart and he wants to be great player not a good player.

On the tournament in Las Vegas:
I hope we keep the tournament here. I will assure you this: We will not be one and done next year.

Freshman Forward Kevin Young

How USD defended him differently in the second half:
They kept me off the boards a lot, well tried to, I got a couple. They'd just slide over on the penetration more and tried to cut me from the lane.

On the heart that has been built the last 31 games:
A lot of heart we learned from just never giving up and just taking it as a growing experience and learning from every game. Just playing as hard as we can.