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2009 WCC Men's Tournament Quarterfinal Round Quotes

March 8, 2009

University of Santa Clara Head Coach Kerry Keating

Opening Statement:
It was hard fought. We obviously did a really good job on the boards. John had 17 rebounds in the first half. That's pretty impressive. The 17 really set the tone for the two ways we wanted to try and win the game, which is on the defensive end and the boards.

Center Senior John Bryant
About getting 27 rebounds tonight:
Win or go home - tournament atmosphere. As a senior, I did not want my season to end. I wanted to go out there and do what we needed to do to win, and that was to rebound. I went out there with the mindset of getting every board. That is what I did/tried to do.

Guard Senior Calvin Johnson
Feelings on last WCC Tournament:
Same thing that goes through our mind before every game just be focused - go do what we do, if not at a high level. This is our third season (referring to post-season play) and it is win or go home. Before the game just focuses on what you got to do as an individual and a team and keep your team together. That is what I did.

Forward Freshmen Marc Trasolini
On John getting all the rebounds:
No, I am just trying to let him do what he can to get that Nation Leading Rebounder. I am trying to box out and make sure my man doesn't get the ball-that is pretty much my main focus.

University of San Diego Head Coach Bill Grier
Opening statement:
Coming in, we have played them four times and they have just been grinder close games. They have come down really to the last possession or two. I thought tonight they just came out with better energy to start the game. I think we let them get to comfortable on the offensive end. I think the biggest difference is Bryant-there is a reason he is player of the year. I have never seen 17 rebounds in a half, let alone 27 in a game.

On losing to Santa Clara:
Every time you lose in conference is real hard. Like I told my team in the locker room, "This team has been through more this year than any other team I have been around in a number of years combined." I think when we left LA after getting swept it would have been easy for these kids to kind of cave in. Yet they showed their character and battled back.

Sophomore Forward Rob Jones
On not having to face John Bryant next year:
He is a big person and does a lot. They have him in they key. He blocks shots. He gets every rebound that's up there so we got no second chances.

Junior Guard De'Jon Jackson
On the difference in tonight's meeting than previous ones with Santa Clara:On the offensive end for them, they hit every shot and if they missed, they got the rebound. That kind of hurt us with our offensive transitions. And that made it hard for us to score.