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2009 WCC Men's Tournament Quarterfinal Round Quotes

March 8, 2009

University of Portland Head Coach Eric Reveno
Opening Statement:
I told the guys, they thought I was kidding but in all honesty, I love these guys. I like to think I love them all the time, but I really love them when they play defense like that. When they play defense like that, it is fun to watch and fun to play; that is the kind of team we have been this year.

Guard Junior Nik Raivio

On carrying the momentum from tonight's game to tomorrow:
We haven't had a bye in awhile in our program. We came out really solid defensively, 10-0, I think. Guys were just clicking, and everyone got out and everyone was playing - we were just having fun out there. Hopefully we can carry that over to tomorrow.

On the advantage of not playing as much:
It was good. Like I said everyone got in. Guys were having fun just playing. Some of us got a change to rest up a bit - I still feel fresh. We will be ready to go tomorrow.

Pepperdine University Head Coach Tom Asbury
Opening Statement:
We shot as poorly tonight as well as we did last night. All three of the games, they just kicked our butt. For some reason we did not play well against them and they played very well. We never really gave them a game. I was kind of disappointed we couldn't give them a game. I don't think we helped them in the least to prepare for their next game in the tournament.

On subbing out most of the team:
No, we do that all the time. We have enough depth if they play. We have done that on numerous occasions. We don't necessarily do it all at the same time. But generally speaking within the first ten minutes, we have got the five starters on the bench and five subs in the game.

On how last night's win goes towards next season:
I told them we wanted to remember tonight, not last night. It's more important that we remember tonight because that will help us in our off-season preparation, in the weights and working out. I want to forget about last night. I want them to visualize tonight and forget about last night. Tonight is the night we need to remember.