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WCC Men's Basketball Championship Game to Air on 129 Stations on Westwood One Radio

March 9, 2009

LAS VEGAS, Nev. - The West Coast Conference, a property of IMG-College, announced that tonight's WCC Men's Basketball Championship Game between Saint Mary's and Gonzaga will be aired on 129 radio stations across the country on Westwood One Radio on Monday, March 9.

The broadcast will begin at 5:45 p.m. (Pacific Time) with tipoff at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas at 6:05 p.m. The broadcast chores will be handled by Dave Sims, who is the television play-by-play voice of the Seattle Mariners and radio play-by-play voice of NFL's Sunday night football, and NBA and NCAA coaching legend P.J. Carlesimo.

The game will air on nine stations located in top 10 media markets in the United States, and 16 stations located in top 25 markets. The list is highlighted by stations in Los Angeles (KWDJ 1360 AM), San Francisco (KNBR 1050 AM), Boston (WGHM 1250 AM, WGHM 900 AM, WTPL 107.7 FM, and WTSA 1450 AM), Washington DC (WINC 1400 AM and WSVG 790 AM) and Houston (KBME 790 AM) and Detroit (WTKA 1050 AM).

Monday's final will also be televised live nationally by ESPN with Terry Gannon, Stephen Bardo and Steve Lavin calling the action.

The following is a list of stations covering Monday's championship game:

Media Markets #1-25: Los Angeles, CA (KWDJ 1360 AM), San Francisco, CA (KNBR 1050 AM), Boston, MA (WGAM 1250 AM, WGHM 900 AM, WTPL 107.7 FM, WTSA 1450 AM), Washington, DC (WINC 1400 AM, WSVG 790 AM), Houston, TX (KBME 790 AM), Detroit, MI (WTKA 1050 AM), Tampa, FL (WQYK 1010 AM), Phoenix, AZ (KAZM 780 AM), Minneapolis, MN (KXSS 1390 AM), Denver, CO (KEPN 1600 AM, KKFN 104.3 FM), Sacramento, CA (KTHK 1140 AM), Pittsburgh, PA (WAJR 1440 AM, WEAE 1250 AM, WMBS 590 AM), Portland, OR (KFXX 1080 AM, KKSN 1390 AM), Baltimore, MD (WBAL 1090 AM), Indianapolis, IN (WBAT 1400 AM, WBIW 1340 AM, WNDE 1260 AM).

Media Markets #26-50: Charlotte, NC (WADA 1390 AM, WFNA 1660 AM, WFNZ 610 AM), Nashville, TN (WGFX 1045.FM), Kansas City, MO (KLWN 1320 AM), Columbus, OH (WBNS 1460 AM, WBNS 97.1 FM, WJAW 100.9 FM), Cincinnati, OH (WCKY 1530 AM), Milwaukee, WI (WAUK 1510 AM, WBEV 1430 AM), Salt Lake City, UT (KEVA 1240 AM, KUNF 1210 AM), Greenville, SC (WSPG 1400 AM), West Palm Beach, FL (WDJA 1490 AM, WPSL 1590 AM), Birmingham, AL (WJOX 94.5 FM), Harrisburg, PA (WLPA 1490 AM), Las Vegas, NV (KWWN 1100 AM), Memphis, TN (WHBQ 560 AM), Albuquerque, NM (KNML 610 AM), Oklahoma City, OK (KCRC 1390 AM, KSIW 1450 AM, WWLS 640 AM, WWLS 104.9 FM), Jacksonville, FL (WFNS 1350 AM, WFXJ 930 AM, WSFN 790 AM).

Media Markets #51-100: Scranton, PA (WBAX 1240 AM, WEJL 630 AM, WLYC 1050 AM, WTZN 1310 AM), Fresno, CA (KCBL 1340 AM, KEZL 1400 AM), Albany, NY (WOFX 980 AM), Little Rock, AR (KARV 610 AM, KARV 101.3 FM, KASR 92.7 FM, Dayton, OH (WING 1410 AM, WKBV 1490 AM), Richmond, VA (WRNL 910 AM), Tulsa, OK (KAKC 1300 AM, KTBZ 1430 AM), Charleston, WV (WCMI 1340 AM, WRVC 930 AM, WVOW 101.9 FM), Wichita, KS (KFH 1330 AM, KFH 98.7 FM, KKLE 1550 AM, KLEY 1130 AM), Roanoke, VA (WBRG 1050 AM, WMVA 1450 AM, WODY 1160 AM, Green Bay, WI (WDUX 92.7 FM), Toledo, OH (WLQR 1470 AM), Honolulu, HI (KPUA 670 AM), Des Moines, IA (KXNO 1460 AM), Omaha, NE (KOZN 1620 AM), Paducah, KY (KWOC 930 AM), Shreveport, LA (KMHT 1450 AM, KMHT 103.9 FM), Huntsville, AL (WUMP 730 AM), Madison, WI (WTLX 100.5 FM), Chattanooga, TN (WDEF 1370 AM), Jackson, MS (WVBG 1490 AM), Cedar Rapids, IA (KGYM 1600 AM), Waco, TX (KRZI 1660 AM), Danveport, IA (WKEI 1450 AM), Johnstown, PA (WMAK 1450 AM), El Paso, TX (KROD 600 AM).

Media Markets #100 and up: Fort Smith, AR (KURM 790 AM, KURM 100.3 FM), Lincoln, NE (KLMS 1480 AM), Tyler, TX (KWRD 1470 AM), Augusta, GA (KWRD 1470 AM), Augusta, GA (WRDW 1630 AM), Sioux Falls, SD (KVTM 1570 AM), Boise, ID (KTIK 1340 AM), Santa Barbara, CA (KXTK 1280 AM), Bakersfield, CA (KGEO 1230 AM), La Crosse, WI (WBIZ 1400 AM, WKTY 580 AM), Rockford, IL (WLUV 1520 AM), Wausau, WI (WIGM 1490 AM, WXCO 1230 AM), Topeka, KS (KVOE 1400 AM), Erie, PA (WPSE 1450 AM), Lubbock, TX (KKAM 1340 AM), Palm Springs, CA (KXPS 1010 AM), Bangor, ME (WDME 103.1 FM, WZON 620 AM), Billoxi-Gulfport, MS (WXBD 1490 AM), Gainesville, FL (WRUF 850 AM), Clarksburg, WV (WMMN 920 AM), Rapid City, SD (KBFS 1450 AM, KYDT 103.1 FM), Grand Junction, CO (KTMM 1340 AM), Parkersburg, WV (WMOA 1490 AM), Twin Falls, ID (KTFI 1270 AM), Cheyenne, WY (KNEB 960 AM), San Angelo, TX (KKSA 1260 AM), Zanesville, OH (WHIZ 1240 AM).

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