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March 12, 2009

Gonzaga University Head Coach Mark Few
Opening statement:
It was an incredible performance and weekend by our guys. From a coach standpoint, when they point it all together at both ends, defensively and offensively; it is a great, great feeling and a beautiful sight to see. I couldn't be more proud of a group and I'm very, very happy for them.

Senior Forward Josh Heytvelt
On what needs to happen to complete his senior year:
We need to play 110% for the rest of the season. Go as hard as we can to get W's (wins) and see how far we can get.

Senior Guard Micah Downs
On how special it is to win a championship:
They are really special. It is an automatic chance to go into the NCAA tournament. Like we did this year 16-0 in conference play and coming out and beating our rival school. It feels really good to come out and prove to people we are the best team in our conference when people doubted us tonight.

Junior Guard Matt Bouldin
On the team's chemistry:
I think we have eight or nine guys that could score 20 any night. I think that is our greatest strength by far and the fact that we have so many different weapons. It is not just offensively everyone is D-ing up right now and we are working on our rebounding. The fact that we have so many different weapons have really opened up a lot of things for us offensively.

Saint Mary's Head Coach Randy Bennett
On the game:
Gonzaga played well and they have been playing well for a while. They are tough to score on and combine that with poor defense. They make it hard for us to make good shots. But we just gave up so many easy baskets. I was not pleased with the way we played. We are a much better team than the way we played tonight. We will regroup and give it another go on Friday.

On how the team was affected by the return of Patrick Mills:
A little bit. I think defensively more than anything. I think that's it was the biggest factor tonight. He has not been doing defensive drills with us. I think that's where it affected us the most. We have got to get that fixed the quickest. He needs practice and we need practice.

Sophomore Guard Patrick Mills
On whether SMC was ready:
I don't think we were ready at all. You can't come into a game against Gonzaga with bad effort. They knew what they were playing for and we had no idea.

On his hand:
There is nothing wrong with my hand. That is not what lost us the game. My hand is fine. I am not going to use that as an excuse.

Junior Center Omar Samhan
On the game's effect on post-season hopes:
It hurts us. You win tonight it's in your hands. And we didn't do that. So now we play Eastern Washington on Friday and leave it up to the selection committee on Sunday. It hurts us a lot. But get that done on Friday and say some prayers on Saturday night.