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Training a constant part of WCC officials' game

Sept. 28, 2012

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SAN BRUNO, Calif. -- Ever wonder what goes into officiating games at the Division I level? It's a lot more than showing up at the arena, officiating the game, and going home. There is a mountain of prep work involved and a very thorough review process after each game. This weekend, men's basketball officials from the Big West, Pac-12, and West Coast Conferences are getting together in Los Angeles for their annual training seminar.

The two-day clinic includes play reviews and points-of-emphasis discussion as they strive to ensure consistency from officiating crew to officiating crew.

Last season, as a part of our web series "The Road to Las Vegas," WCCsports.com cameras were given all-access passes to the clinic. Here's what we saw...

It is a goal of the three conferences to have the most well-prepared officiating crews in all of NCAA Division I basketball. Seems like we're well on our way.

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Jeff Tourial
WCC Assistant Commissioner