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2007 Men's Golf Blog

Jan. 31, 2007

Sophomore Jonathan Keane will give weekly commentary right here throughout the men's golf team's 2007 season as part of the new Bronco Blogs feature on santaclarabroncos.com. With 2007 in full swing, Keane will give Bronco fans an inside view of what it is like to be a student-athlete at Santa Clara.

Keane is now in his sophomore year at Santa Clara after a strong freshman campaign which included a Top-10 finish at the SCU Invitational.

Recent Blogs:

Tuesday, January 30, 2006, 8:23 p.m.

Hey everyone, greetings from the men's golf team.  I am excited to be able to
contribute to this blog and I look forward to giving people a closer look at
our team.  I am currently in my sophomore year and I am from Edmonds, WA which is a city just north of downtown Seattle.

We have just started up our spring practices a few weeks ago.  Everyone on the team had a great Christmas break and I know we were ready to work when we all returned to campus.  We are one of the only college sports to be truly year-round and it was not hard for the guys to get back into playing shape after a full fall schedule.  Last week we started our qualifying process to see who would play in our first tournament which is actually in Hawaii next week.  We only send 5 members of the 12 man team so obviously its very competitive. The qualifying process this time around includes 4 rounds of golf with the lowest 2 scores after 4 rounds qualifying and the other 3 spots filled with selections made by our coach. We completed the 3rd round yesterday at a course many of us had never played called Wente Vineyards located out towards Livermore (about 30 min Northeast of school). I know for me it was a great time playing a course that I had never visited and it's always a good test to see how you can play a championship level course. I know my two teammates that I played with, Blair Myers and Mike Miller, had a good time as well as we all worked hard to play as well as we could.

As far as our daily schedule is concerned, our playing days right now are set to Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays.  These days we either are qualifying for the next event or just working on our games.  Tuesdays and Thursdays are spent at San Jose Country Club with our swing coach Bill Johnson who is the head teaching pro at San Jose Country Club.  Bill has been a top asset to the program and helps all of us out tremendously with technique and keeps us on track and ready to play the next event.  We have also been working out with our team trainer at 7:30am Tuesday and Thursday Mornings.  I know for me it took a week to get used to the schedule of working out followed by class and then practice but now its much more manageable.

I know we are working hard towards playing well to start the spring in Hawaii.  The 5 guys that go will be ready to play and win the golf tournament.  With the help of our captains, Jong Yoon and Eric Lillibridge, and the support of the boosters to the program and our coaches, I know we are going to do some great things this spring, and I look forward to updating everyone on the progress.  As for me I am just looking forward to improving everyday and trying to play my best this spring.  Watching the
recent domination of Tiger Woods in our sport has motivated me and I am sure many of my teammates to keep working hard and striving to get better.  Until the next installment have a great week or two and be sure to check back in.

Jonathan Keane

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