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USF Golfer Kurt Nino honored after winning Manoa Cup

July 2, 2007

By Robyn Nishi

Winning the 4th longest running golf tournament in the nation is something to acknowledge. So it is...That Kurt Nino, who this past weekend claimed the 99th manoa cup at o'ahu country club... Is our selection as the k-h-o-n-2 athlete of the week. John Veneri reports.

It was at this tournament 4 years ago when nino, a sophomore at damien at that time ...watched helplessly as Kellen floyd asao drilled a long range putt to win the 95th manoa cup title.. Nino faced an identical scenario last saturday..but this time, He was standing over the potential winning putt ...same hole same distance...and already up 7 holes on edward stenftenagel...Nino was looking at a 30 foot winner for the cup. Kurt Nino nino was the 2004 individual high school state champion a first for damien and then won the ilh his senior year...another first for Damien.

Now a junior at the University of San Francisco...Nino decided this week, that he would break out the putter he used in those victories and superstition payed off. Kurt Nino and like any hungry young athlete ...the thrill of victory has made him crave even more... Kurt Nino congratulations to Kurt Nino...the 99th Manoa cup champion and our khon 2 athlete of the week.