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America Ahead After Three Rounds at USA China Friendship Cup

July 29, 2006

BEAUMONT, Calif. -- The United States extended its lead to 16-8 following the third round of the USA China Friendship Cup at Oak Valley Golf Club in Beaumont, Calif. The Americans swept the men's four-ball matches while China claimed both women's points.

"Our players finished the round well," said Team USA Men's Coach O.D. Vincent. "There were some close matches and we played well down the stretch. Our guys made putts and hit shots when they needed to. It was an exciting day and we're looking forward to tomorrow."

Bronson Burgoon and Brett Willis won the first point of the round when they downed Hu Mu and Ye Jianfeng, 4 and 3. Both U.S. players birdied the first hole and led throughout the entire match. Sam Cyr and Cameron Tringale followed with a 6 and 4 win against Wu Ashun and He Zeyu. The American duo won six of seven holes with birdie. Ben Fox and Brian Locke each posted birdie on No. 14 and par on No. 15 to break a stalemate through 13 holes and beat Han Ren and Su Dong, 2 and 1. Chris Killmer and Chris Moore completed the American sweep of the men's matches with a 3 and 1 victory against Fu Zhongyang and Yang Wenzhang. Killmer and Moore won three of the match's last four holes.

China claimed both women's matches. Lie Wei and Zhou Xiaoxuan defeated Jacqui Concolino and Kimbra Kosak, 2 and 1. Jennifer Osborn and Kristi Piepenbrink battled back from dormie 3, but missed two par putts on No. 18 to fall to Haung Ping and Yang Taoli, 2-up.

Final-round singles matches are scheduled to tee off at 9 a.m. Saturday.

USA China Friendship Cup
Second Round Results
Oak Valley Golf Club
Beaumont, Calif.

United States 16, China 8

Third Round Four-Ball Results
Ben Fox/Brian Locke, USA def. Han Ren/Su Dong, China, 2 and 1
Bronson Burgoon/Brett Willis, USA def. Hu Mu/Ye Jianfeng, China, 4 and 3
Chris Killmer/Chris Moore, USA def. Fu Zhongyang/Yang Wenzhang, China, 3 and 1
Sam Cyr/Cameron Tringale, USA def. He Zeyu/Wu Ashun, China, 6 and 4
Li Wei/Zhou Xiaoxuan China def. Jacqui Concolino/Kimbra Kosak, USA, 2 and 1
Huang Ping/Yang Taoli, China def. Jennifer Osborn/Kristi Piepenbrink, USA, 2-up

Final Round Singles Pairings
Bronson Burgoon, USA vs. Wu Ashun, China
Sam Cyr, USA vs. Ye Jianfeng, China
Chris Moore, USA vs. Hu Mu, China
Chris Killmer, USA vs. Fu Zhongyang, China
Brett Willis, USA vs. Han Ren, China
Cameron Tringale, USA vs. He Zeyu, China
Brian Locke, USA vs. Yang Wenzhang, China
Ben Fox, USA vs. Su Dong, China
Kimbra Kosak, USA vs. Yang Taoli, China
Kristi Piepenbrink, USA vs. Lie Wei, China
Jacqui Concolino, USA vs. Zhou Xiaoxuan, China
Jennifer Osborn, USA vs. Huang Ping, China