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2007 Men's Soccer Blog

Seniors Matt Hatzke and Matt Marquess are key members of the Santa Clara men's soccer back-line, helping the Broncos post nine shutouts in 2006. Their strong play in the back helped SCU reach the quarterfinals of the NCAA Tournament for the first time since 2003. The pair were both named WCC All-Academic and ESPN The Magazine All-District VIII in 2006, while Hatzke was also named All-WCC Honorable Mention.

Back for one final season on the Mission Campus, Hatzke and Marquess will share their thoughts with the Bronco community every week during the season right here on SantaClaraBroncos.com.


Posted: Aug. 30, 2007
9 Long Months in the Making

What day is it? It doesn't really matter. All that matters is what time the first practice begins. Is it an 8-10 am, 2-4 pm day or a 10-12 pm, 4-6 pm day. Each practice seems like a new day and for most of the players it is. The endless cycle of eat, sleep, eat, play, eat, sleep, eat, play jumbles the days together making them feel endless. We are a little over a week into preseason, about half way through, and our bodies are beginning to protest. Injuries are becoming common, even the machines are beginning to show signs of being human. Our first game is just out of reach and we begin to think about our potential for the upcoming season.

To the freshmen who have just joined the squad these last several days have been the most physically taxing and mentally demanding of their lives. The upper classmen begin to notice how different the body feels at age 21 versus age 18. It takes longer to recover from knocks evident from the way we walk around holding ourselves awkwardly due to sore backs and tight muscles. This is the process that is preseason. We must get through this in order to be ready for the long haul of season.

Marquess played in 45 straight games in 2005 and 2006.

Preparation for this season began shortly after last season's loss to Wake Forest in the NCAA Quarterfinals in North Carolina. With a sour taste in our mouths we are determined for a different ending this season. We have the confidence and ability, but when it comes down to it that means nothing; it is all about winning. All the hard work and 6 am trainings in the last 9 months has given us another chance to do well. Come out and support your Broncos as the new campaign begins next Friday, August 31st, at Buck Shaw @ 8:00 pm. See you there!

Hatz and Qez