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Oct. 11, 2012

WCC Chatter | | WCC on Facebook | Dedication - Saint Mary's Men's Soccer

SAN BRUNO, Calif. -- All year long, the West Coast Conference will bring you videos, blogs and photo galleries defining what dedication means to WCC coaches and student-athletes. Our second installment takes you to Moraga to visit with the Saint Mary's men's soccer team, who advanced to the National Quarterfinals of the NCAA tournament last season.

Dedication is what wins WCC Championships and NCAA tournament matches. It earns all-academic standing. Dedication leads to positive results, which evokes feelings of passion and pride within a team, a school, a community and a conference.

Student-athletes are unique. Their sport is their craft. It's a skill that very few have. Being a student-athlete is a privilege. They work hard. When you're a student-athlete, you can't take any shortcuts. The days are long: Training. Classes. More training. Treatment. Homework. Sleep. Do it all over again.

What does #dedication mean to you?