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Cameron Rast, Keith DeVey and Erik Ustruck Preview Saturday's Game Against Indiana

Nov. 17, 2006

The Santa Clara Broncos men's soccer team takes on Indiana at 4:00 p.m. PT on Saturday at Armstrong Stadium in the third round of the NCAA Tournament. Head coach Cameron Rast and seniors Keith DeVey and Erik Ustruck talked about Wednesday's win and looked ahead to the match before departing on Friday for the Midwest.

Keith DeVey, looking back on Washington: "It was a game full of ups and downs. We thought that we had the game when we scored the second goal, but they got back in it and forced us to overtime. It was great to win in overtime because now we have been tested in the playoffs so we are ready for anything."

DeVey, on match-up with Indiana: "We have the team's record against Indiana posted in the locker room right now to remind us of how big this rivalry is. We are all really excited to get out there and play this game."

DeVey, on team: "We are feeling confident right now and we know that we have a team with a lot of depth. That will help us against Indiana because we know that we can bring different players in and give them different looks."

Erik Ustruck, on goal against Washington: "I was pretty excited after scoring. We knew going into the game that someone would have to step up in the playoffs and make something happen. Fortunately that was me on Wednesday and it felt great."

Ustruck, on Indiana: "We owe them a little bit from 2003 when they beat us in the College Cup. I have a friend on the team (Kevin Robson) that I talked to. He is fired up about the game and I am definitely pumped up for it as is the rest of our team. It is going to be a fun game."

Head coach Cameron Rast, on playoffs: "In the playoffs, you really have to stay focused and play your game. We know that if we play our game we can advance. At the end of the day though, you just have to advance whether it is by playing well, getting a good break or pulling out a tough game."

Rast, on Indiana: "We think that we match up well against them. They are similar to Washington and we thought that we played a good game against them on Wednesday, so we hope for another good performance on Saturday. We know that Indiana will be tough at home, but we have to overcome that."

Rast, on avoiding hangover from second-round win: "You always have to be careful not to revel in a win like Wednesday's too long. You have to make sure that you don't create too many peaks because there will be valleys right after the peaks. Wednesday was a great step for us but that is not our ultimate goal, which is to win the national championship. We know that we have a lot more to do to achieve our goal."