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Men's Volleyball Addresses the Media Wednesday

May 2, 2007


NCAA Championship Quotes
Pepperdine University
May 2, 2007

Head Coaches' Opening Statement:
This is a great field. I know the coaches and I am getting to know the other teams. I know Irvine pretty well. We couldn't have a better place to play. They have a great athletic tradition here (Ohio State). This is pretty special for me because I was here in 1978 and it is good to be back.

HEAD COACH Marv Dunphy
About IPFW
From what we have seen, they have a senior team, a very experienced team and a veteran team. That is the first thing I see. Arnie (Ball) has done a great job with his team. He has some kids from Canada and Brazil and has done a great job with those pieces. He has put together a real good team.

On if IPFW will have the home court advantage with a larger crowd
Some of the guys who have been around me in the past have heard me say this before, `it is not where you are, it is who you are' and I really believe that. If you have your choice of playing in front of ten thousand or ten, it would be ten thousand. I hope they have a good crowd. And I hope we have a good crowd. The bottom line is either you are good enough or you are not regardless of how many fans your have.

On how this year's team compares to other Pepperdine teams

Each team forms its own identity. A couple of people have asked me today, `how does this team compare to the 1978 team?'. That was awhile back. This year's team is a good passing team and a little bit better defensively than some of the teams I have coached in the national championships. And that is a good sign.

On what Marv remembers about winning the national title at Ohio State in 1978
It was (Pepperdine's) first and my first as a coach. At some point in time to be the best at what you do is a great feeling. The team was, I am not saying that I was. It was a fun time. We played Ohio State in the semifinals and we had to come back and win in five and won the next one in five. There is a saying, `if winning was easy, there would be no triumph.' I thought it was a real good accomplishment, but that was another lifetime.

STUDENT-ATHLETES Jon Grobe & Jonathan Winder
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Winder: They are a big team. They have some really big guys. They are athletic and talented. They have been able to win and beat Ohio State so they are tough. Over their past few matches they have been killing everybody so tomorrow should be fun.

On if the team is looking forward to a rematch with UC Irvine
Winder: I would like another shot at a national championship, regardless of who we play. It doesn't matter. The important thing is just getting to Saturday's final.

Grobe: IPFW is a good team. I think the tendency sometimes is to think `what if?' but we have got to get there before we can worry about who we are playing. Right now, we are only focused on IPFW.

On this year's team's strengths
Grobe: We have a lot of team unity. All the guys like to joke around and that keeps it pretty light out there. At the same time, I think we are very competitive. Pepperdine is known for being a good blocking team and I think Marv coaches that well and on top of that, this year we focus a lot on defense.