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December 1 - Pepperdine, Santa Clara, and San Diego received bids to the 2002 NCAA women's volleyball tournament

The NCAA Division I Women's Volleyball Committee announced today the 64-team field for the 2002 NCAA Division I Women's Volleyball Championship. Thirty-one conferences were awarded automatic qualification, and the remaining 33 slots were filled with at-large selections to complete the bracket.

The top 16 teams were seeded nationally and placed within four regions. The teams tabbed as the top seeds were Southern California, Stanford, Nebraska and Northern Iowa.

Team pairings were determined by geographical proximity, with the exception that teams from the same conference were not paired during the first and second rounds.

The Big Ten and Pacific-10 led all conferences with eight teams selected. The Big 12 placed five, and the Big West and Atlantic Coast conferences each placed four teams in the field, followed by Conference USA, West Coast and Western Athletic conferences with three apiece and the Big East, Mountain West and Southeastern conferences with two.

First- and second-round matches will be played at 16 campus sites. A list of the first-round match-ups follows.

1. Southern California
2. Stanford
3. Nebraska
4. Northern Iowa
5. Florida
6. Hawaii
7. Minnesota
8. UC Santa Barbara
9. Pepperdine
10. Arizona
11. North Carolina
12. Washington State
13. Penn State
14. Wisconsin
15. Ohio State
16. Notre Dame


December 6-7 at Southern California
Southern California (25-1) vs. San Diego (25-7)
Utah (25-8) vs. Texas A&M (20-9)

December 7-8 at Notre Dame
Michigan State (19-11) vs. George Mason (22-7)
College of Charleston (29-5) vs. Notre Dame (23-7)

December 5-6 at Pepperdine
Pepperdine (23-6) vs. Cal Poly (15-12)
UCLA (19-13) vs. Long Beach State (28-3)

December 5-6 at UC Santa Barbara
Santa Clara (24-6) vs. California (19-11)
Fresno State (23-6) vs. UC Santa Barbara (28-2)


December 6-7 at Florida
Florida (30-2) vs. UCF (22-12)
Florida State (21-12) vs. South Florida (29-6)

December 6-7 at Penn State
Temple (26-6) vs. Manhattan (30-2)
Pennsylvania (22-4) vs. Penn State (24-7)

December 6-7 at Kansas State
Washington State (21-7) vs. Oral Roberts (22-10)
Michigan (16-14) vs. Kansas State (20-8)

December 6-7 at Northern Iowa
Missouri (25-7) vs. Northwestern (17-15)
Wisconsin-Milwaukee (20-13) vs. Northern Iowa (32-2)


December 6-7 at Nebraska
Nebraska (27-1) vs. Tennessee-Martin (24-5)
Arizona State (14-11) vs. Cincinnati (23-8)

December 6-7 at Wisconsin
Miami (Florida) (25-5) vs. Duke (24-9)
Alabama A&M (24-7) vs. Wisconsin (23-8)p

December 5-6 at North Carolina
North Carolina (30-3) vs. Winthrop (28-10)
American (26-7) vs. South Carolina (21-6)

December 5-6 at Hawaii
Washington (19-10) vs. Colorado State (22-9)
Western Kentucky (33-4) vs. Hawaii (30-1)


December 6-7 at Minnesota
Minnesota (30-5) vs. New Hampshire (23-10)
Florida A&M (23-6) vs. Georgia Tech (32-5)

December 5-6 at Arizona
Texas (22-8) vs. Indiana (20-12)
Texas-Arlington (26-6) vs. Arizona (17-11)

December 6-7 at Ohio State
Ohio State (19-10) vs. Robert Morris (27-11)
Ball State (25-7) vs. Louisville (27-5)

December 6-7 at Stanford
Pacific (California) (18-12) vs. Nevada (22-9)
Sacramento State (24-10) vs. Stanford (27-4)

Teams winning both matches will move on to regional play December 13-15 at four campus locations yet to be determined. The regional host sites will be determined by the committee after the results of the first two rounds. The regional winners will advance to the semifinals and final hosted by the University of New Orleans and the Sun Belt Conference in New Orleans Arena December 19 and 21.