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Game #1 - #7 San Francisco 80, #2 San Diego 69

March 1, 2007

Box Score

Game #1 - #7 San Francisco 80, #2 San Diego 69


Head Coach Tanya Haave
Opening Comments: "It was a great team victory. I'm real proud of our team. I feel like we came out with a lot of focus. Shooting the ball the way we did in the first half really helped us. We really withstood every challenge that they gave us."

On What Was Different Today Versus Their First Two Meetings With USD: "We learned a lot from those games and we were able to learn to withstand challenges from people who always come back at us as. We knew they'd come back at us, but we didn't withstand it as well as we did now. We clearly learned how to withstand challenges from teams and worry more about playing our game and playing the way we're supposed to play."

Dominque Carter
On What Is So Different About Playing In The Tournament: "It's a whole new start for us. Every team is 0-0, so we go out there and try harder. I think we like to have upsets in the first round of the tournament. We like that (7 vs. 2) match-up."

On Her Confidence At The Free Throw Line, Especially Late In The Game: "Actually, I was real nervous. Usually when I am shooting free throws I am pretty confident. This time I was pretty nervous. Luckily it didn't affect the free throw shooting."

Shay Rollins
On USF's Shooting: "I just think that everyone was focused. Every time we shot the ball, we said to ourselves, 'The ball's going in.' If it didn't go in, it was a surprise. So whenever you have that mentality that every shot you take is going to go in, nine times out of ten it probably will."

On Her Role Picking The Team Up: "Before we came out here, the team got together and said what our roles were. My focus was to make sure we didn't get down. So anytime San Diego got it into singles, I tried as hard as I could to get the team together and say, 'You know what? Don't get down, we still have the lead. We still have time. There's no need to put our heads down."


Head Coach Cindy Fisher
Opening Comments: "Defensively we just really struggled to control them. We tried to mix up our defenses a little bit but they did a great job of attacking. You can see by the rebounds and you can see by the foul shooting who was the aggressive team today.

On What Was Different This Game Than In Previous Games vs. USF: "I don't think anything was really different. I think it was a matter of some shots went their way and we had some trouble making some easy baskets. Those will kill you. I think the difference was the ball was a falling for them, and they really beat us on the rebounding. They did the blue-collar part of the job today."

On USD's Postseason Chances: "We hear there's a chance, so we're flying home tonight and practicing on Saturday and Sunday and practice like there's a really good chance. This team has put together a wonderful season and we'll get back there and get to work and fix some of the things that happened today and hopefully get better over the next week."

Amber Sprague
On The Loss: "It doesn't feel real. USF brought it. They played really well. We just have to learn from it. We have to learn that we need to bring it every game."

On Her Technical Foul: "I think it was the look I gave [to the referee]. I was being emotional, and I know I can't do that."