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Loyola Marymount vs. Pepperdine

March 3, 2007

Game #5 - #3 Loyola Marymount 64, #5 Pepperdine 61 (OT)


Head Coach Julie Wilhoit:

Opening Remarks: "It was definitely an interesting game. I am just so happy for our seniors, our team, our boosters, and our fans. They (Pepperdine) made it very interesting in the second half. Pepperdine just wouldn't go away, and neither did we. And we found a way to grind it out."

On the Similarities Between This Year and Last Year's Tournament Games: "It was too close, too similar. You really have to understand the rivalry between us and Pepperdine. We are twenty minutes away. The rivalry is so deep. I just believe in emotional energy as well. You take that as high as you can, and then its just about skill and composure. I think my team found that composure. They made mistakes, but they found that second option or third option. That was the difference for us between last year and this year. We found that second option."

On What She Said to the Team at Halftime: "We were up. My main focus was not to let up. Not to let it get too far ahead of us. But we started the second half, I believe, holding out breath. I took a time out and told them to breathe. I think they wanted this championship opportunity so badly, this became our hardest game. It was harder than the first game. We'll see about tomorrow, but I think this might be harder than tomorrow's game."

On Coaching at LMU: "I love coaching this team and at this school. I also love how hard we have to work to win games in this conference. After 18 years as a head coach, I feel I am a better coach than I was last year and the year before because of how we have to prepare, how we have to think, and how we have to analyze the game to win in this conference."

Amanda Patton:

On the Similarities Between This Year and Last Year's Tournament Games: "The difference is that we all have so much belief in each other. We know what the outcome is going to be because we all are so close as a team. If someone is slacking, we know that someone is going to pick someone else up. You could really feel that in the end. Everybody kind of came together in the end. We said 'This is it. This is what we're playing for. This is what we came here to do. We're not having the same thing happen to us as last year.' "

Jennifer Hall:

On What Was Going Through Her Mind Down the Stretch: "I just remembered last year when Amanda was taking her threes, I was at home watching Game Tracker. I was thinking of that moment and that was not going to happen again. I was concentrated on being where I needed to be to make sure that didn't happen again."


Head Coach Julie Rouseau:

Opening Remarks: "I'm proud of our kids, I'm proud of their effort. To fight as we did is a testament to the heart of this team and how much character we have. We came up a little short and of course that hurts, particularly when you fight back from such a deficit and you put so much into 25 minutes of play. It's one of those bitter lessons you have to learn in order to move to the next level. It's hard, but I'm proud of them an excited to get started on next year."

On to the Comeback: "The key was heart, and of course we played defense. We told them at half time that we had 20 minutes and that's five four minute segments. All we had to do was win every four minute segment by three to at least tie it. I didn't know I was being prophetic - I should have told them to win one by four and we would have won the game. That's what we said we told them to do. Take it little by little, play together, it's going to be a team effort, we've got to be focused and smart - you can't have a lot of mistakes when you're coming back."

On Overtime: "We had been 3-0 in overtimes, so we felt good going in - very confident. Too many turnovers hurt us, and I think that with a few less mistakes the game could have been won."

On LMU: "Julie Wilhoit did a great job with her kids keeping them poised, even when we made our run. My hat's off to LMU and I wish them well."

On the Rivalry with LMU: "There is a rivalry because the schools are in such close proximity, but for me it wasn't about that. We wanted to win. It didn't matter if it was LMU or anyone else. We wanted to win, and that was the motivation for us more than anything else."

Daphanie Kennedy:

On Pepperdine's Final Play in Regulation: "I tried to drive to the basket. There was a bunch of confusion on the court and I figured if there was going to be confusion on the court I'd rather have the ball in my hands than anyone else."