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Post-Game Quotes - Gonzaga vs. San Francisco

March 3, 2007

WEST COAST CONFERENCE WOMEN'S TOURNAMENTGame #6 - #1 Gonzaga 59, #7 San Francisco 38


Head Coach Kelly Graves:
Opening Remarks: "I'd like to give a lot of credit to San Francisco. They are a good basketball team. Tanya has done a good job there. I think Dominique Carter is a phenomenal player. Luckily for us, we have the 'Carter Buster'. Jami Bjorkland can guard her as well as any body.""Last week when we played them, they outrebounded us by nine. This was one of our focuses. Today we outrebounded them by 15. That shows our kids focused on something and then went out and did it."

On whether Dominique Carter was the Team's Main Focus: "She has to be. I am still convinced that she is the best player in the Conference."

On what it will take to Beat Loyola: "We are going to have to be ready to play physical. They are physical. They play hard. They are well-coached. They have a lot of weapons. They have players who can shoot the three. They're just tough and big and strong and mean inside. "

On Message to Team going into Championship Game: "We don't look at any game any differently. I think that is why we have done so well in Conference play. We take it one game at a time. We focus on that game. We play that game. We haven't talked about coming down and winning this tournament. We talked about coming in and beating Portland. And then beating San Francisco and now we will look at beating LMU."

Jami Bjorkland On How she Shut Down Dominique Carter : "It was a whole team effort. When we focus on a player it's 'trap her', but it's a team effort because if she beats me, there's always someone there to step in and trap her. It's all focus, focus, and never let up."


Head Coach Tanya Haave:
Opening Remarks: "Obviously, I am a bit disappointed, but if you shoot 21 pertcent from the field, you are not going to win many games. I think the effort was there. We just had some shots that wouldn't fall down for us. Even though we are disappointed, I think it was great that we could come up here and beat that number two seed in the first round. That is something that we can really build on."

On What was Different in the Gonzaga Game from the USD Game that the Shooting Percentage was so much Lower: "Of the three games that we have played Gonzaga (this season), we have always struggled shooting. I think their height really bothers us. We get the same looks, but we just hurry our shots a little more and they just don't fall."

What will it take to Beat Gonzaga Tomorrow: "Don't let their post players beat you. We challenged them to make someone else beat us, and Jami Bjorkland and Vivian Frieson did. You'd have to challenge them to come up with another game like that. And you are going to have to have a good shooting night. Everything is going to have to fall for you."