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Loyola Marymount vs. San Francisco Quotes (March 5, 2010)

March 5, 2010

Loyola Marymount vs. San Francisco Quotes

Loyola Marymount Head Coach Julie Wilhoit
Opening Statement
"I think the first game is the toughest game. I think it is the hardest game. We have been waiting all week to play and I saw a lot of jitters from our team that I haven't really seen this year. Tough getting Renahy (Young) in four trouble but I thought Jenna Sesbesma and Kavita Goss did I nice job of coming in and giving us nice support."

On San Francisco's aggressive approach early in the game:
"I have to give a lot of respect to USF. I thought they had a big fight in them. They have given every team a hard time. T hey are playing tough. They have a lot of fight in them. They really came out and shot well, rebounded well and we just couldn't break away from it. The last four minutes was the difference maker for us, that is were we won the game."

LMU junior Renahy Young
On what was the key in the final four minutes:
"It was our definitely our defense. They scored only two baskets in the last four minutes. We did a very good job of securing the ball down the stretch. "Thoughts facing Pepperdine in quarterfinals, who swept LMU in regular season:"Last couple of times we played them, our energy wasn't that good. We are fired up, got one game under our belt in the tournament and that is a momentum builder. We are ready, we are playing really good."

LMU sophomore Alex Cowling
On what was the key in the second half:
In the first half they had 11 offensive boards. But we did a much better job in second half.

Thoughts facing Pepperdine in quarterfinals, who swept LMU in regular season:
"Defense, again, has been the key. We have film from two games, and know we know what to what we need to do."

San Francisco Head Coach Tanya Haave
Opening Statement
"I would like to congratulate Loyola Marymount. We are extremely disappointed; however I just think that I can't fault the team. I told them in the locker room that they played extremely hard. What caught up to us is we didn't shoot the ball very well in the second half at 24%. Free throws and those things that cost you games at tournament time. I cannot fault them for their effort. It's been a struggle all season. But I am proud of them for their effort."

San Francisco sophomore guard Rheina Ale
On Brittany Brumfield leaving the game:
"I honestly thought she would come back but I think our team knew once Brum was out we all had to step up and do it for Brum. She's not coming back to the game obviously so we need to stick together and play extra hard and win this game for her."

San Francisco junior forward Donnisha Taylor
Follow-up on Brumfield leaving the game:
"As soon as she went down that was the time for us to really pick it up and do the little things. Step in and get charges, get offensive boards, rebound, box out. We didn't have that extra spark that she brings to the team. At that point our energy level should have gone way up. Instead it was like a roller coaster. We dropped down and started to pick it up when we hit shots. Anytime someone goes down on the team that should make us more pumped to step up."On not scoring for over 7 1/2 minutes:
"We have a tendency to hang our heads a lot when we go in droughts. When we are not making shots, we need to pick it up and execute the very next play."