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Head Coach Julie Wilhoit
On the First Half:
"I was concerned and in disbelief that we only hit nine field goals in the first half and were only down by two, and they shot 52 percent hitting 16 field goals."

On the Second Half: "I think the key difference was absolutely our defense. In the second half, our defense really gave us the opportunity to have some great offensive sets. I thought we were struggling with their post play in the first half, and what we did to change that in the second half was to go to a complete front. I think that took away some of their inside action, and that was a critical piece. They were scoring too easily inside."

On Offensive Rebounding: "If we were going to shoot that poorly, we needed to get a lot of second chance points."

On Defending Santa Clara's Outside Shooting: "It was our number one goal. The last time we played them, our number one team goal was to handle the double team. But this particular game our number one goal was to take away their three, and we've been able to do that all year."

Amanda Patten
On the Second Half Run:
"As a team we just came together and made up our mind that this is the time that we are going on a run and this is the time that we are refusing to lose. And we did. We came together as a team and defended the heck out of them and ran our offensive sets really well and it all came together for us."

Head Coach Michelle Bento-Jackson
Opening Comments:
"It's a very disappointing loss for our team and our program, and it's also an end for our senior class. Unfortunately it had to end with a loss, but I thought they played their hearts out and I thought they played to the very end and I was very proud of their effort."

General Game Comment: "We knew it was going to be a competitive game, it's always probably a little more physical when it's us and LMU. It was pretty intense."

On the Second Half: "They got some big offensive rebounds and there's no question that hurt us at times, and we obviously didn't shoot as well as we did in the first half. That's a scary combination. I thought we did a decent job in our half-court defense but we kept giving up easy buckets underneath the basket."

On Fouls: "I didn't think there were necessarily bad calls. I knew it was going to be a very aggressive game from both ends. W expected that, and fouls are going to be called."

On Three Point Shooting: "I thought we actually got some pretty good open looks and we didn't happen to hit them tonight. If we would have hit some of those, it could have been a whole different ball game."

On Rebounding: We just had to do a better job on the defensive boards. It gave them either fouls on us or gave them very high percentage shots. That definitely got the momentum going for them.

Anna Martin
On Playing Final Game:
"I definitely just went in with the mind frame of leaving it all out on the court and having no regrets. I think that's how our whole team went into the game."