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2009 WCC Women's Basketball Tournament First Round Quotes

March 6, 2009

Santa Clara Head Coach Jennifer Mountain

On the win:
I think it is a well-deserved victory for our kids that have battled all year long and have been close in so many opportunities. And finally to put one together not only for the people in the stands but prove to ourselves. I was really proud of our effort today.

On team's mentality at halftime:
It was zero-zero. We have done a nice job of starting out game, and we just haven't had the fire power to finish for forty minutes, which we did today. But that's what we talked about at halftime-is we got twenty minutes left in our season, and its whoever wants it more and whoever is going to play the hardest. Let's get this thing done, and that's what they did.

Senior Guard Sara Majors
On being motivated for this game:
I think we have done a good job and the coaching staff of keeping our motivation up throughout the losses in the season and going into this week.

Sophomore forward Lena Gipson
On team's mentality at halftime:
Even at the half, when it was tied, we wanted to just keep ourselves up and pumped. We knew we had to come out strong and aggressive just like we had the first half. We just had to keep it in our minds to keep it up the entire helf.

How it feels to win the first game of the conference:
It feels great. We knew we could do it all along, even with the record that we have had. It was hard to garnish support, and we just proved it to everyone who has doubted us. It feels good to show everyone what we knew we could do all along.

How it was going against Saint Mary's forward Louella Tomlinson:
It was fun. It was a challenge to get around her rather than what I normally do. It was a challenge I really, really enjoyed.

Saint Mary's Head Coach Paul Thomas
Opening Statement:
This has been a phenomenal experience, although short-lived for us. It has made the student athletes feel very, very special and that is what it is all about. I give total credit to Santa Clara, it is phenomenal what they did out there. A huge, huge part of our game is transition, and we just did not transition very well today.

On tie game at half:
I think we did come out the second half confident, but we couldn't find that rhythm again. At the beginning of the year we talk about four things: you got to play defense, you got to rebound, you have to take good shots, and you can't turn the ball over. I give Louella a ton of credit; she has grown so much in the last year.

On Santa Clara winning:
From our end, it's a nightmare. On the other end, if you're Santa Clara, it's a coach's dream. You are making all your shots, not making turn-overs, that's a coach's dream. Lena Gipson was going around Louella, and I think that's because of our defense. When they pushed the points up to six, their body language changed and that's what teams do.

Sophomore forward Louella Tomlinson
On going up against Santa Clara forward Lena Gipson:
This is my first year playing against her, she is a really tough competitor and she is really athletic. It is fun, I love a challenge, but disappointing.

On problems on the court: As coach said, they shot the ball well and we just couldn't get into a flow. We couldn't do that stuff that we usually do well.

Freshman forward Ashlee Smith
On problems on the court:
I don't think we came out over-confident. We just couldn't get into the flow again after the second half. Our transitions were part of it, and they definitely hit a lot of their shots.