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2009 WCC Women's Basketball Tournament First Round Quotes

March 6, 2009

San Francisco Head Coach Tanya Haave

Opening Statement:
Well, like I just told my team I think we played extremely hard just at the end to many turnovers in the second half. We couldn't take care of the ball and ran out of gas a little bite. Overall, I think it was a great effort by our team but it was against a really good team. I've got to give them a lot of credit to San Diego, they've got two all conference performers, Amber Sprague and Kiva Herman so give them a lot of credit. But really proud of our group for the effort they gave. They really attacked offensive boards and attacked the basket. I think they turnovers really hurt us in the second half.

On breaking down in the second half:
Honestly a couple of mental errors that we had defensively then a couple of offensive that lead to turnovers. I think that was fatigue and that with our young team were playing they are learning to play so hard. We are starting three freshmen, a sophomore and a senior. So we are extremely young, you are going to have some mistakes there. They were not mistakes of omission, they were mistakes of co-mission. They tried the whole, so can't fault them for that.

Senior Guard Shay Rollins
On Santa Clara's win earlier today:
Yeah, we were really excited they pulled it off and we were like they can do it we can do it too. It just didn't happen to work that way for us. But we are really happy for them.

Freshman Guard Vania Singleterry
On Santa Clara's win earlier today:
I think seeing them do it just made it more of a reality that we could do but I feel like we had a heart before that but I just kind of made it more prominent.