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2009 WCC Women's Tournament Quarterfinal Round Quotes

March 8, 2009

Pepperdine University Head Coach Julie Rousseau

Opening statement:
Congratulations to San Diego. I thought their kids played extremely hard and showed a lot of fight. I thought our kids played very hard as well and obviously it did not turn out in our favor. But I am very proud of our effort, proud of our kids, and proud of the season we have had. I am just looking forward to seeing these young women go on and do some really wonderful things, in term of our seniors. I am also looking forward to our underclassmen coming back and getting ready for next year.

How you do you think your bench played today?
I thought they came in and gave us some good minutes. All year long we have relied on our depth and I thought they came in and gave us some good minutes that our starters needed. I just thought there was such a disparaging differences in fouls the second half. Which turned the time and I am not pleased with that at all. That's our style of play. It's the style of play that makes us successful. When your hands are tied and you have your best players on the bench because of foul trouble and your not rotating them because of just the rotation of the game, then that definitely hurts your rotation and rhythm. And I thought that what really eventually hurt us.