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March 12, 2009

Gonzaga University Head Coach Kelly Graves
Opening statement:
First of all, I do want to congratulate San Diego. Coach Fisher and her group had a great tournament run last year and this year. To have to play four games in four days is extraordinary. They really played hard, they played well, and again I congratulate them on a great year. I am really proud of my group. We were challenged today. The second half obviously got off to a little slow start. They almost punched us in the nose and we didn't punch back. We did make the plays down the stretch and I attribute it to this new format. I thought we had fresher legs at the end of the game-to only have to play two games in two days.

Sophomore Guard/Forward Janelle Bekkering
On winning and making key three-pointers:
It was a pretty sweet win today since last year we lost to them in the finals. We were kind of rooting to meet them in the final again and beat them. It was exciting. Today I really wanted to go up there and give it my all, just play as hard as I can and we did that today.

Junior Forward Vivian Frieson
On how physical the game was:
Yeah, it got a little physical. It was too bad. We had a really tough game against LMU. We expected it to be a physical game. We expected it to be a dog fight. We didn't expect San Diego to just hand us the game and it was really physical. But it was fun.

Sophomore Guard Courtney Vandersloot
Her feels about the game and moving on to the NCAA Tournament:
I know for me I have never been at this point. They got it their freshman year and I was expecting to come in here and if we won I was going to be excited. We worked so hard for this. We came in here and did what we had to do. To accomplish something like this, it is so exciting and it really means a lot.

University of San Diego Head Coach Cindy Fisher
Opening statement:
First I want to credit both teams. It was an incredible battle and a great fight. My team obviously has so much heart, so much drive, so much fight in them, but in the second half obviously our shots were short.

On Gonzaga's zone defense:
We took some quick shots and we weren't laying it down, making bounce passes. It is just things that makes mental fatigue a big part of it.

On seniors Amber Sprague and Kiva Herman:
Amber and Kiva were both in this to win. They really didn't want to see this season end. They wish they were still playing. Amber and Kiva both may have the chance to continue their basketball careers after this year.

Senior Forward Kiva Herman
On second half fatigue:
I really wasn't thinking about fatigue. My main goal was thinking about the championship.

On being a senior:
I was recruited by the old coaches, and I have really enjoyed playing under Coach Fisher. It has been a great four years of experience.

Freshman Guard Dominique Conners
On being a freshman:
I expect to see us at the championship games every four years. I think in post season, we have played some of the best basketball this year. We have the team and the depth to go far.

On being a six seed:
We knew that it was going to be a battle and the coaches talked about doing the little things. We were led by great seniors that knew what we wanted to do and how to get there, and everyone else followed.

On playing against Gonzaga's Courtney Vandersloot:
She is a tremendous player and she knows how to control her team. She is a sophomore and we get to battle for the next couple of years.