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Amanda Rego's Blog of a Day Spent at the Australian Zoo.

Aug. 14, 2007

SAN DIEGO, Calif. - A blog from senior point guard Amanda Rego on her day spent with the team in the Steve Irwins Zoo in Australia.

Unfortunately our game time was changed to 4:30 so we only had three hours to spend at this amazing place, not nearly enough time to explore everything. We started off at the petting zoo where everyone was able to feed and pet kangaroos. Everyone was so mesmerized by the kangaroos that we spent almost an hour in the same spot taking pictures with what seemed like every kangaroo there. From there we went to take the much anticipated picture with a koala. The koalas name was Sienna who we all fell in love with. Everyone waited in line and we all got our own individual picture with her. Next some went to feed the elephants while the rest of us saved seats at the Crocoseum for the famous snakes, birds, and crocodile show. Sara (Vanderhorst) was lucky enough to be one of the four people picked from the audience to stand up and catch a bird. However, after an embarrassing display of bird calls the bird never came and Sara was stuck standing there with her picture on the big screen alone. This was quite entertaining for the rest of us. Kaila (Mangrum) was also put on the big screen and won a prize for the best animal impersonation where she performed the notorious rising elephant. The final thing we saw was the Steve Irwin memorial. This was touching with hundreds of drawings from fans, signed t-shirts, and flowers. Sadly, that concluded our day and we had to head back for our final game in Brisbane.