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A Blog from Kiva Herman on the Team's Trip to the Great Barrier Reef

Aug. 15, 2007

SAN DIEGO, Calif. - This is a blog from junior forward Kiva Herman on her experince in Australia snorkeling for the first time at the Great Barrier Reef.

Yesterday we spent most of our day at the Great Barrier Reef. I must admit I was not as excited as my teammates were. It is sad to say that growing up on an island surrounded my water and not knowing how to swim is a little embarrassing. I sat quietly on the hour bus ride to the harbour where we would take the boat to head out to the reef area. Getting to the reef was quite a long trip, after the hour bus ride an hour and a half boat ride followed. Sitting on the boat watching nothing but deep ocean blue water surrounding us, we soon arrived at the dock where the coral reefs were located. The water was gorgeous in its different shades of blues, and greens but yet it was quite intimidating. There was no way I would go snorkelling in the open ocean. Though for the first couple hours on the dock I found myself occupied with activities for non- swimmers like watching Amber and Rego and the coaches go through their scuba diving experience in an under-water observatory. Then my teammates encourage me to get in the water, first my mind was set on not getting in at all. But with the help of Kaila and one of the cute lifeguards on duty I decided I was going to do this one time in a life time experience. Kaila helped me put on my life jacket and the lifeguard assisted with my goggles and snorkel. I sat on the ledge to put on my fins and practiced how to breathe though the snorkel gear which seemed really claustrophobic. I wasn't brave enough to jump in and have my entire body in the ocean but sat on the ledge do did however, but my face it and got to see a school of pretty fish. And that was it for me. My teammates were so proud, especially coach! I felt quite accomplished to face a fear of putting my face in the water. It was a good way to top off my 20th b-day which was on the 13th.I am loving it out here in Cairns, Australia especially really similar to my native country St.Lucia, due to its tropical features; I really wish we were in this beautiful tropical place longer than 3 days.