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GU Wins Four Of Six Races At Head Of The Spokane

Oct. 22, 2005

SPOKANE, Wash. - Gonzaga University captured four of six races on Saturday morning as the Bulldogs kicked off the fall racing season with perfect racing conditions at the Head of the Spokane Regatta. The race covered 5,000 meters on the Spokane River marking the first time in several years that the event has covered that distance due to construction on the portions of the course.

Gonzaga won races in the men's varsity 8+, men's novice 8+, men's varsity 4+ and women's novice 8+ while Washington State University picked up wins in the women's varsity and junior varsity 8+.

The GU varsity men covered the course in a time of 15:47 to defeat WSU by 8-seconds. The GU novice men set a new novice course record with a time of 16:44 to defeat the Cougars by over a minute. WSU's top novice boat finished at 17:50. The men's varsity 4+ won by 50-seconds with a time of 17:52 while the Zags top women's novice boat held off WSU by 10-seconds. GU's top novice women's boat rowed a time of 18:49 followed by WSU's top novice women's boat at 18:59.

Washington State's varsity women covered the course with a time of 16:56 to defeat Gonzaga by 23-seconds. Gonzaga finished with a time of 17:19. In the junior varsity women's event WSU finished with a time of 17:12 while Gonzaga held off the fourth WSU varsity boat by four-seconds. Gonzaga finished at 17:50 with WSU behind at 17:54.

The Bulldogs men's varsity 8+ consisted of coxswain Meghan Quinn, Cox-Meghan Quinn, stroke Joe Dudley, Warren North, Connor Barry, David Hinshaw, Scott McCoy, Derek Clemmensen, Matthew Wernette and bow Ben Rosenblatt. The varsity 4+ was coxed by Lauren Gadeken with Matthew White at stroke, Sean Haase, Drew Smith and bow Robert Holland

The Bulldogs women's varsity 8+ was coxswain Erin Palmiter, stroke Kari Durgan, Sarah Allison, Cory Nelson, Jessica Korcarnik, Jenifer Gehlsen, Stephanie Murphy, Nicole Aadland-Lewis, and bow Kelsey Koenig. The junior varsity 8+ was coxswain Joan Aubry, stroke Brianna Morin, Kelsey Raap, Liz Sambach, Whitney Patrick, Sara Amatuzio, Jennifer Pierce, Julie Smetana and bow Rebecca Podegracz.


Gonzaga- 15:47Washington State- 15:55

WOMEN'S VARSITY 8 Washington State- 16:56Gonzaga- 17:19

WOMEN'S JUNIOR VARSITY 8 WSU 3rd Varsity- 17:12Gonzaga JV- 17:50WSU 4th Varsity- 17:54

MEN'S NOVICE 8 Gonzaga (A)- 16:44WSU (A)- 17:50Gonzaga (B)- 18:59Gonzaga (C)- 19:55WSU (B)- 19:58

WOMEN'S NOVICE 8 Gonzaga (Blue)- 18:49WSU (A)- 18:59WSU (B)- 20:01Gonzaga (Red)- 20:40WSU (C) - 20:56Gonzaga (Grey)- 22:06

MEN'S VARSITY 4 Gonzaga- 17:52Washington State- 18:42

ADDITIONAL BOATS RACING Gonzaga Women's Alumni- 19:49Gonzaga Men's Alumni- 18:09Spokane River Rowing- 21:06CDA Rowing- 22:15CDA Rowing Mixed 4- 20:00CDA Rowing Men's 4- 19:54Russell (Single)- 23:36Drake (Single)- 22:47Tasca (Single)- 25:17