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Crew Wraps Up Fall Season At Head Of The Lake

Nov. 13, 2005

SEATTLE - Gonzaga University men's and women's crews wrapped up fall competition on Sunday afternoon with six Bulldog boats racing at the annual Head of the Lake Regatta at Montlake Cut in Seattle. Gonzaga had a solid showing at the event including a second place finish in the women's third varsity 8+ race and fourth place finish in the men's varsity 4+ race. Both teams will now prepare for the spring racing season which opens in mid-March. The Bulldog men still have a scrimmage race against Washington State on Dec. 3 before coming off the water.

In the men's varsity 8+ race Gonzaga finished sixth as the Bulldogs rowed a time of 15:38.22. The University of Washington won the race with a time of 14:39.16 followed by Stanford University in second.

In the women's varsity 8+ race Gonzaga was 10th overall with a time of 17:31.96 edging Syracuse University by two-seconds. Washington State University won the event with a time of 16:31.17, two-seconds better than Yale University.

Gonzaga's men's junior varsity 8+ pulled a time of 16:26.95 as the Bulldogs finished seventh in the race. Gonzaga's boat was comprised of an entire novice crew for the race. Washington's top boat won the race with a time of 15:06.74 followed in second and third place by the other two Husky entries.

Gonzaga's women's junior varsity 8+ was eighth with a time of 18:01.62. Washington won the race at 16:49.33, posting a four-second victory over Washington State in second.

The women's third varsity eight finished second with a time of 17:49.81 as the Bulldogs entered a eight novice rowers with an experienced coxswain. Washington State was first with a time of 17:39.90 while Lake Union Rowing Club was third and Duke University fourth.

Gonzaga's men's varsity 4+ placed fourth in their race with a time of 17:48.78. Washington's two boats finished first and second with a difference of .03 seconds between them. The University of Oregon was third in the race.


Men's Varsity 8 - Coxswain Meghan Quinn, stroke Joe Dudley, Warren North, Connor Barry, David Hinshaw, Scott McCoy, Derek Clemmensen, Matthew Wernette and bow Ben Rosenblatt.

Men's JV 8 - Coxswain Maggie Sullivan, stroke Greg Malman, Brian Franceschi, Andre Gallant, Pat Swihart, Ryan Roller, Brendan McCarthy, Andrew Langfield and bow Jeff Haguewood.

Men's Varsity 4 - Coxswain Lauren Gadeken, stroke Matthew White, Sean Haase, Drew Smith and bow Robert Holland.

Women's Varsity 8 - Coxswain Erin Palmiter, stroke Kari Durgan, Jessica Kocarnik, Cory Nelson, Stephanie Murphy, Liz Sambach, Kelsey Koenig, Nicole Aadland-Lewis and bow Sarah Allison.

Women's JV 8 - Coxswain Joan Aubry, stroke Julie Smetana, Kelsey Rappa, Brianna Morin, Whitney Patrick, Sara Amatuzio, Rebecca Podegracz, Jenifer Gehlsen and bow Jennifer Pierce.

Women's 3V 8 - Coxswain Mimi Refuerzo, stroke Kate Little, Whitney Engle, Jana Holcombe, Teagan Towhey, Leslie Otto, Hanna McClintock, Rosie Bleymaier and bow Lauren Rundberg.

Men's Varsity 8
1. Washington - 14:39.162. Stanford- 14:57.783. British Columbia- 15:03.464. Univ. Victoria- 15:14.725. Oregon State- 15:19.216. GONZAGA- 15:38.227. Washington State- 15:45.278. Western Washington- 16:55.73

Men's Junior Varsity 8 1. Washington (A)- 15:06.742. Washington (B)- 15:37.423. Washington (3)- 15:39.994. Oregon State- 15:42.715. British Columbia- 15:47.396. Victoria- 16:02.997. GONZAGA- 16:26.958. Puget Sound- 16:40.369. Pacific Lutheran- 18:36.84

Women's Varsity 8 1. Washington State- 16:31.172. Yale- 16:33.093. Washington- 16:33.324. UCLA - 16:34.815. Stanford - 16:39.096. Oregon State- 16:39.617. Victoria- 16:41.558. Duke- 16:59.869. British Columbia- 17:02.9110. GONZAGA- 17:31.9611. Syracuse- 17:33.02

Women's Junior Varsity 8 1. Washington- 16:49.332. Washington State- 16:53.283. Stanford- 17:08.704. Victoria- 17:29.525. Duke- 17:30.766. Oregon State- 17:41.267. Simon Fraser- 17:54.928. GONZAGA- 18:01.629. British Columbia- 18:27.14

Women's Third Varsity 8 1. Washington State- 17:39.902. GONZAGA- 17:49.813. Lake Union (B)- 17:57.814. Duke- 18:13.955. Washington State (B)- 18:13.956. Washington (A)- 18:32.027. Washington (3)- 18:42.958. Washington (B)- 18:50.939. Lake Union (A)- 19:07.6910. Oregon- 20:21.3911. Lake Oswego RC- 20:21.6512. Evergreen State (B)- 20:34:2413. Portland (A)- 20:54.9114. Evergreen State (A)- 21:00.9215. Simon Fraser- 21:27.2616. Portland State- 21:50.7617. Portland (B)- 22:14.00

Men's Varsity 4 1, Washington (B)- 17:03.962. Washington (A)- 17:03.993. Oregon - 17:27.984. GONZAGA - 17:48.785. Oregon State- 17:55.576. Puget Sound- 17:58.147. Simon Fraser- 18:01.818. Western Washington- 18:09.389. Portland - 18:51.3410. Washington State- 19:07.6911. Pacific Lutheran - 20:32.27