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Mary Kate Morgan Finishes 9th

March 12, 2005

SEBRING, Fla. - Gonzaga University's Mary Kate Morgan shot a final-round 75 to finish tied for ninth with a 154 at the Northern Illinois Spinglake Invitational women's golf tournament on Saturday.

Morgan finished eight strokes behind medalist Leigh Sutton of Creighton University who shot a 146 with rounds of 74-72 over the 5,850-yard, par 72 Springlake Golf Resort and Country Club.

The Bulldogs Lacey Jo Manwaring, tied for 13th after Friday's opening round, skied to an 86 and finished in a tie for 55th at 164. Sarah Sheffield finished tied for 26th for Gonzaga at 158.

High Point University won the team title with a 616 for a 7-stroke win over Creighton. Gonzaga finished 13th at 649, seven strokes behind Loyola-Chicago.

Northern Illinois University Springlake Invitational
Springlake Golf Resort and Country Club - Sebring, Fla.
Par 72, Yards 5,850
Team Results
1. High Point 311-305--616 2. Creighton 315-308--623 3. Mercer 315-310--625 Florida Gulf Coast 321-304--625 5. Ferris State 325-303--628 6. Illinois 309-323--632 7. Bowling Green 315-320--635 St. John's 324-311--635 9. Appalachian State 324-314--63810. Northern Illinois 321-319--64011. Florida Tech 331-310--64112. Loyola-Chicago 320-322--64213. Gonzaga 325-324--64914. Old Dominion 322-328--65015. The Citadel 328-324--65216. SIU-Edwardsville 338-327--66517. Youngstown State 335-338--67318. Missouri-Kansas City 332-344--67619. Detroit 350-349--69920. Findlay 346-359--705

1.Highpoint 311-305--616t3Julie Ethier 76-75--151t12Kate O'Sullivan 74-81--155t12Lena Svensson 79-76--155t22Anni Svensson 83-74--157t51Jenna Kinnear 82-80--162

2.Creighton 315-308--6231.Leigh Sutton 74-72--146t9Maureen Gross 81-73--154t37Rachel Byleen 81-79--160t55Audrey Butler 79-84--163t86Paige Pahlke 85-88--173

T3Florida Gulf Coast 321-304--625t6Heather Hagerman 76-77--153t12Brittany Bertilson 86-69--155t19Natalie Lueck 79-77--156t46Hallie Schweitzer 80-81--161

T3Mercer 315-310--625t3Ashley Harris 75-76--151t19Cassy Eagen 78-78--156t30Anna Rogers 78-81--159t51Nichole Roche 84-78--162t55Katie Walker 85-78--163

5.Ferris State 325-303--628t19Elena Robles 83-73--156t22Missy Ward 81-76--157t30Casey McKinnon 84-75--159t37Becky Hoffman 80-80--160t37Yasuyo Kiyota 81-79--160

6.Illinois 309-323--632t6Casey Burden 75-78--153t30Megan Godfrey 74-85--159t46Kristine Cook 79-82--161t55Lyndsey Milligan 83-80--163t60Seul Ki Park 81-83--164

T7Bowling Green 315-320--635t9Jessica McCann 77-77--154t30Carley Hrusovsky 78-81--159t51Kari Liggett 81-81--162t66Amanda Bader 86-81--167t76Karen Binzel 79-91--170

T7St. John's 324-311--635t12Jaclyn Sanders 79-76--155t26Christin Thomson 81-77--158t30Maggie Steciuk 83-76--159t55Brittany Lambertson 81-82--163t96Katie Lebel 92-89--181

9.Appalachian State 324-314--638t30Kaitlyn Johnston 81-78--159t37Jennifer Monko 80-80--160t37Anna Stocker 86-74--160t46Juliane Monko 79-82--161t81Meredith Morrison 84-88--172

10.Northern Illinois 321-319--640t12Lisa Bailey 78-77--155t37Jackie Bailey 81-79--160t46Jackie Heslop 81-80--161t63Abbie Many 81-85--166t66Irish Whalen 84-83--167

11.Florida Tech 331-310--641t12Reb Bareng 82-73--155t26Natalia Rieman 81-77--158t37Ericka Hildreth 80-80--160t74Cheri Hurt 88-81--169t76Alexis Lelekis 90-80--170

12.Loyola-Chicago 320-322--642t12Nicole Puch 76-79--155t26Marissa Capriola 81-77--158t71Michelle Puch 79-89--168t71Sarah Van Vooren 84-84--168t86Katelyn Gibbons 91-82--173

13.Gonzaga 325-324--649t9Mary Kate Morgan 79-75--154t26Sarah Sheffield 82-76--158t55Lacey Jo Manwaring 78-86--164t86Jennifer Swanson 86-87--173t92Sarah Clarke 87-88--175

14.Old Dominion 322-328--6502.Ashley Davis 76-71--147t30Meghan Schafer 79-80--159t76Bailey Moiser 82-88--170t90Reinie Vugrinec 85-89--174103Meredith Badali 89-100--189

15.The Citadel 328-324--652t6Kayla Bowsher 79-74--153t46Kelley Thorsen 81-80--161t63Tracy Hancock 82-84--166t81Mary Nguyen 86-86--172106Alex Lucisano 92-89--191

16.SIU-Edwardsville 338-327--665t3Kallie Harrison 77-74--151t66Brittany Hood 86-81--167t81Natalie Connaway 87-85--172t92Kelly Morris 88-87--175105Ashley Hamm 99-91--190

17.Youngstown State 335-338--673t37Brittany Jones 79-81--160t51Gina Abruzzino 81-81--162t74Bonnie Sherman 84-85--169101Mallery Wyderka 91-94--185103.Felicia Ciotola 97-91--188

18.Missouri-Kansas City 332-344--676t60Brittany Hofer 80-84--164t71Danielle Zejdlik 84-84--16880.Tracy Patterson 83-88--171t86Amy Harder 85-88--173t92Lauren Phlegar 85-90--175

19.Detroit 350-349--699t22Mandi Dupuis 79-78--157t55Ashley Hamilton 78-85--163102Carrie Jensen 100-87--187101Becky Menefee 93-99--192

20.Findlay 346-359--705t81Katie Weisenburger 84-88--172t81Cheryl Beech 85-87--17295.Ashley Rausch 88-92--180t96Erin Eilerman 89-92--181100.Kristy Homan 89-94--183