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Rowers Compete At Indoor Ergometer Race

Feb. 27, 2006

SAN DIEGO, Calif -The Toreros took to the ergs this weekend against rowers from SDSU, UCSD, and the San Diego Rowing Club, as well as several US National Team athletes who came up from the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista for the event.

"This is just a fun event for the girls," commented Head Coach, Joan O'Hara. "They register for this event on their own, and participate mainly to show support for the local rowing community. This is the first 2K piece they do for the year - and the last until the middle of March, when we begin our race-specific training. So I'm mainly interested only to see how each rowers fares relative to her own performance this time last year."

Torero Varsity Rowers took 2nd (Chloe Wiegman), 4th (Nicole Thompson) and 5th (Christy Baker) place out of 37 competitors in the Collegiate Women's event. While Novice Rower, Beth Spangenberg, placed eighth out of 33 in the Novice Women's event. Beth pulled a 7:43. This was her very first 2K.

The results were very favorable, with almost all the returning varsity scoring significantly better than the previous year, "The average improvement from February 2005 was better than 15 seconds, and many of the varsity were very close to PRs. This is quite good considering they had no preparation for this event," noted Coach O'Hara. "We are right on track!"

The Toreros first official scrimmage is scheduled for February 18th against Orange Coast College and San Diego State at home on Mission Bay.