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Varsity Eight Defeats Sonoma St. and SCU at Lexington Reservoir

April 9, 2006

Lexington Reservoir - The Saint Mary's women's rowing team had a solid showing at the Lexington Reservoir competition against Santa Clara, Cal Lightweights, Stanford Lightweights and Sonoma State on Saturday morning. Saint Mary's posted the fasted times in the varsity eight and varsity four races.

Highlighting the day was the varsity eight as it pulled a time of 6:51.9 to defeat both Sonoma State (7:06.3) and West Coast Conference rival Santa Clara (7:10.4).

The varsity four A boat also pulled the fasted time in their race with a 7:39.0 to defeat two boats from Santa Clara and one from Sonoma State. Saint Mary's varsity four B boat crossed the line in a time of 8:11.0 for a fifth place finish in the same race.

The junior varsity eight shared the water with the Stanford Lightweight (7:01.4) and Santa Clara (7:04.7) and posted a third place finish in that race. The novice eight posted a third place finish against four others in their race. The novice eight time of 7:24.9 was eight second behind Sonoma State A and seven seconds behind the Cal Lightweights.

The Saint Mary's rowing team will return to the water on Saturday, April 22 in a competition against Stanford, California and Santa Clara at Redwood Shores.

Lexington Reservoir Women's Racing Results

Varsity 8:Saint Mary's 6:51.9Sonoma St. 7:06.3Santa Clara 7:10.4

Junior Varsity 8:Stanford Lwt 7:01.4Santa Clara 7:04.7Saint Mary's 7:09.2

Novice 8:Sonoma St. A 7:16.3Cal Lwt 7:17.3Saint Mary's 7:24.9Santa Clara 7:26.8Sonoma St. B

Varsity 4:Saint Mary's A 7:39.0Santa Clara A 7:51.0Santa Clara B 7:54.3Sonoma St. 8:03.6Saint Mary's B 8:11.0

Novice 4:Cal Lwt 7:51.6Saint Mary's 7:54.5Stanford Lwt 8:00.0Santa Clara 8:08.0Sonoma St. 8:12.0